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Birthday Party! September 17th

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Win Tickets To The Bob Mould Band!

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The mighty Bob Mould Band will be blasting out the Neptune on September 23rd and if they follow the path of recent performances, attendees will hear music from their latest releases (Beauty & Ruin, Silver Age) as well as a healthy dose of Sugar and Husker Du gems. Enter to win a pair of tickets by e-mailing us with the subject line "Little Glass Pill" and please include first & last name with entry. We'll draw a winner on 9/19. Good luck!

Not a gambler? Buy tickets here!

The Fresh Sheet! New Releases 9/16

POSTED BY ON Tue Sep 16, 03:42 PM

Caspar Babypants - Rise and Shine!

"The eighth release from Caspar Babypants, also known as Chris Ballew (Presidents of the USA), is a return to his upbeat original songs and imaginative takes on classic ditties that parents and kids alike will adore. Rise and Shine! is packed with 19 songs that are guaranteed to get kids dancing and smiling. The title track is a happy, bouncy song that would be the perfect start to any day. My 5-year-old's favorites include 'The Runaway Shoes' and 'John Mousey,' two lively songs telling tales that can happily be heard over and over again. (Literally; we listen to them on repeat.) Caspar Babypants' original twists on old songs are always a delight on his albums, and Rise and Shine! is no exception. 'Hush Little Baby' is no dreary lullaby once Caspar gets his hands on it; the song is a standout on the album, with its up-tempo beat and sweet lyrics that could describe a toddler’s perfect day. 'Rain Rain Come Today,' an ode that puts a positive spin on gloomy rain clouds, is sure to strike a chord with any Seattle kid. Even 'Rock a Bye Baby' will get feet tapping enthusiastically, something only Caspar Babypants can accomplish." - Kelly Knox, SeattleChild.com

This Will Destroy You - Another Language

"This Will Destroy You have long been a post-rock band that excelled at brevity, turning in songs that found intense territory without needing to build melodramatically through overly long jams. Another Language is no different, with its nine songs all succinctly traveling through passages of bizarre echoes, blown-out explosions of sound, and the band's always airtight sense of dynamics. Even the pastoral album closer, 'God's Teeth,' with its subdued tones and Eno-esque feel of ambient stillness, resists the temptation to linger too long in wild wonder. Instead, the tune sets the album gracefully down in a bed of William Basinski-recalling decaying analog tape sounds. The gorgeous and haunting ending leaves more than a few questions unanswered, and begs listeners to play the album again from the start to seek them out once more." - Fred Thomas, All Music

My Brightest Diamond - This Is My Hand

"Most musicians understand the importance of changes in volume and get audiences to listen carefully to quiet, intimate moments and then contrast these with loud sounds to convey bigger and bolder emotions and thoughts. That's par for the course. But My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden takes things further. She employs marching band drums and horns one minute and then her solo voice the next without ever changing the intensity of the music. The range of volume may change, but the passion never does. Because Worden's vocals are so operatic and the fact that she has her roots in classical traditions, one might mistake her compositions for concertos. But she's not Charles Ives, despite the populism of the marching band approach. My Brightest Diamond grounds her sound in modern rock and avant-garde traditions on This Is My Hand. She borrows from a myriad of sources to create sonic spaces in which to dwell, kind of like prog rock without the pretentiousness or pseudo-seriousness of the effort." - Steve Horowitz, Pop Matters

My Brightest Diamond - “Pressure”

Chris Brown - X

"Over two years in the making, a period that involved a multitude of revisions and delays, anger management therapy, drug rehabilitation, and a jail stay for parole violation, X surfaced as Chris Brown's sixth full-length studio release in September 2014. In a way, the album is a corrective. The influence of European dance-pop, which resulted in some of Brown's most forgettable material on Fortune, is all but eliminated in favor of contemporary R&B and pop productions that tend to suit the singer better. Brown does maintain his bad boy image. It's on typically full display in the chintzy 'Loyal' -- its hook a misogynist pleonasm -- and the part-clever/part-nonsensical string of R. Kelly quotes that is the Trey Songz duet 'Songs on 12 Play' ('And I'm feelin' on yo booty, drivin' me crazy, half on a baby'). On 'Drown on It,' the pied piper of R&B himself joins in, and he and Brown dole out an unsurprisingly cartoonish variety of metaphorical and/or explicit come-ons that include 'Just like a male mermaid, baby.' Brown combines memorable hooks with some stellar production work on the rubbery disco-funk of 'Add Me In' (courtesy of Danja) and the blithe, swaying 'Time for Love' (a collaboration with Jean Baptiste and Free School). In these and a few other songs, romantic affection, expressed with seemingly genuine sweetness, takes precedence over sexual aggression and petulance. More importantly, Brown's voice, still boyish, sounds most natural and full of life in these settings. Additional guest appearances come from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Usher, Tyga, Akon, and Kendrick Lamar, but Brown's lone spot reserved for a woman is his best collaboration here. On the darker but no less striking 'Do Better,' he and Brandy continue a fruitful association that previously resulted in the Top Five R&B hit 'Put It Down' and the phenomenal Two Eleven album cut 'Slower.' It's one of the more compelling R&B duets of its time, with their vulnerable confessions as sharp as their aspersions." - Andy Kellman, All Music

Chris Brown - “Loyal”

Shellac - Dude Incredible

"It's not surprising that the first Shellac album in seven years is extraordinarily entertaining and mind-blowing, but its concision and more accessible production choices are a bit of a head-turner for fans. ... The band's sense of empathy, great storytelling, interpersonal politics and black humour are not necessarily uncommon in post-punk noise-rock bands, but Shellac's path is likely the most distinctive and emulated one. Dude Incredible has no shortage of compelling narratives within the clever lyrics: 'Compliant' is a stark, smart account of OCD, while the infectious title track is about group dynamics (and monkeys) and another classic example of Shellac making a stellar rock song while Albini uses the word 'fuck' like it's a god damned Ginsu knife. Albini's broken buzzsaw guitar tone has mellowed over the years; its chingy-ness remains abrasive and he wrestles crazy sounds out of it on catchy riffs for 'You Came in Me,' and there's even some '70s ZZ Top pulsing through 'The People's Microphone' and 'Mayor/Surveyor.' But with Trainer's unholy drumming and Weston's precise bass parts, it's all unmistakably, gloriously Shellac. The trio are playing together better than ever, even capturing some of the power of economy that their earliest music commanded with grit and grace and thunder and lightning. Dude Incredible seriously fucking rules dude." - Vish Khanna, Exclaim

Shellac - “Dude Incredible”

Birthday Party! September 16

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Enter To Win Tickets To The Orwells!

POSTED BY ON Mon Sep 15, 04:04 PM

Here's an excerpt from Grady's From The Pit review (read entire review here) of the Orwells' most recent Seattle show, waaaay back in March...

"For anyone who has not been exposed to The Orwells, what have you been doing for the past six months? The rock quintet from the suburbs of Chicago have been building a strong base since releasing two EPs, both independently via National Anthem, and since graduating high school … yes, you read that correctly, they only graduated last year, so we're dealing with some youngsters here! But don't let their age fool you; these dudes can lay down some serious rock 'n' roll!"

So are you ready to rock the f*** out with the Orwells? Enter to win a pair of tickets to their 9/23 all-ages show at Neumos by e-mailing us with the subject line "Dirty Sheets" and please include first & last name with entry. We'll draw a winner on 9/21. Good luck!

Or take no chances and buy tickets here!

**Video kinda NSFW...

Birthday Party! September 15

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Enter To Win Tickets To Augustines!

POSTED BY ON Fri Sep 12, 01:40 PM

* Update: This show's been moved from the Showbox to Neumos

Wow, it seems like Augustines were JUST here, and they're coming back again! If you missed out last time, here's your chance to win a pair of tickets to their show at the Showbox Neumos on September 21st. Enter to win by e-mailing us with the subject line "Walkabout" and please include first & last name with entry. We'll draw a winner on 9/19. Good luck!

Don't care to leave things to chance? Buy tickets here!


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