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Enter To Win A Turntable Designed By The Griswolds!

posted by Rod on Fri Aug 29, 02:57 PM

Aussie indie-rockers The Griswolds REALLY want you to buy their debut album, Be Impressive! So much, in fact, that they've personally designed a stylish suitcase turntable for you to spin it! Enter to win it by e-mailing us with the subject line "Be Impressive," and please include first & last name with entry. Winner must be able to pick up prize at our West Seattle store. Good luck!

In Rotation With Andy!

posted by Rod on Fri Aug 29, 11:19 AM

You know that our staff lives, eats and breathes music, right? They listen to more music in a day than most folks would in a week. So, for the next few weeks we're gonna let them tell you what their favorite albums are at this moment - and we'll use this opportunity to introduce you to some of our most recent hires, starting with our new vinyl guy, Andy Nelson! Andy comes to us via Lost Highway Records, where he worked in Artist Marketing & Development. Welcome aboard, Andy!

Andy's Top 5

Boris - Noise

My wife won't let me play it around the house which is one of the many reasons I love coming to work. Sorry I missed the show at the Crocodile.

Boris - "Vanilla"

Jenny Lewis - The Voyager

I wasn't sure the first couple of times I heard it, but the third time did the trick in a BIG way. Now I think it might be a modern classic.

Jenny Lewis - "Just One Of The Guys"

Posies - Failure (reissue)

This pure pop confection back in print with 8 bonus tracks & on green wax. In-store here this Saturday, 8/30 @ 6:00 pm.

The Posies - "The Longest Line"

J Mascis - Tied To A Star

WOW! Loser edition vinyl still in the time of this writing.

J Mascis - "Wide Awake"

The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers

Rawer than previous (also phenomenal) outings, Brill Bruisers is for power popsters that aren't afraid of crunch.

The New Pornographers - "Brill Bruisers"

Birthday Party! August 29th

posted by Rod on Fri Aug 29, 07:59 AM

Pre-Order The New Aphex Twin Album From Us!

posted by Rod on Fri Aug 29, 07:59 AM

The first Aphex Twin album in 13 years, Syro, is due out September 23rd and we are now taking pre-orders in-store only for both CD ($12.99) and vinyl ($31.99). Customers who pre-order from us will receive the collectible Aphex Twin dropcard pictured above (limited to 5,000 worldwide)!

Birthday Party! August 28th

posted by Rod on Thu Aug 28, 08:15 AM

Recent picks

How About I Be Me (And You Be You)

Sinead O'Connor

How About I Be Me (And You Be You)

Ahh, Sinead, Sinead, Sinead...always keeping us guessing, giggling behind our backs as we squirm and hope for your well-being and think perhaps the meds aren't working. The frank, explicit Tweets about your lack of intimate pleasures; the open invitation to apply as your bed partner; the announcement that you were...Continue»


Being one of singer Erika Wennerstrom's bandmates in the Heartless Bastards could be a mixed blessing. They're a better-than-average bar band fronted by the powerhouse vocals of Wennerstrom, who can wail like the second coming of Janis Joplin as easily as dishing up the honey like Lucinda do (I even...Continue»




Just finishing listening to Adele for the very first time. Missed out on her debut, 19, and likely would have paid no mind to her new record, 21, as well, if I hadn't heard a snippet of it at Easy Street the other day. Then it grabbed me. Damned...Continue»

Red Barked Tree


Red Barked Tree

In the early days, Wire were the unchallenged masters of minimal - fifteen of the twenty-one songs on their 1976 debut, Pink Flag, were under two minutes, with six coming in at under one minute. Working within that time frame, the band could rarely fit more than a few...Continue»

The Promise

Bruce Springsteen

The Promise

My wife walked in the door as I was cranking The Promise, a two-CD set of unreleased songs originally recorded as part of Bruce Springsteen's Darkness on the Edge of Town sessions. She managed to get halfway into the kitchen before she stopped, turned around and remarked, "You're...Continue»

The Lady Killer

Cee Lo Green

The Lady Killer

We already know all about the viral smash "F*** You," but what about the rest of the third solo jam by Gnarls Barkley/Goodie Mob member Cee-Lo Green? He describes The Lady Killer as his attempt at "picking up where Barry White left off," but it appears to be...Continue»

Cobirds Unite

Rusty Willoughby

Cobirds Unite

I've been a Rusty Willoughby fan for a long time, from his mid-'80s power pop outfit Pure Joy to his most successful band, ironically named Flop, through to his most recent ensemble, Llama. Cobirds Unite is Willoughby's third solo album but in many ways it is unlike anything we've heard...Continue»

Release Me

The Like

Release Me

In 2001 Elvis Costello drummer Pete Thomas and producer Mitchell Froom heard that the 15-year-old daughter of Geffen Records exec Tony Berg was writing songs and hoped to start a band. Thomas and Froom got their own daughters in touch with Elizabeth "Z" Berg, and they became The Like. Naturally,...Continue»

Wake Up the Nation

Paul Weller

Wake Up the Nation

Paul Weller recently discussed how he wrote the songs for this crazy new album of his, saying, "After [2008's] 22 Dreams, I didn't have any songs to speak of apart from the odd title or couplet. So the whole process was really different. It was almost like starting from...Continue»


The Black Keys


While the Stones took over the new release spotlight last week with their Exile on Main Street reissue, the new Black Keys album, Brothers, takes a similar recipe as its 1972 predecessor - a steamy, stripped-down blend of Motown and Memphis soul influences and the blues  - and...Continue»