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Enter To Win Tickets To Mastodon!

posted by Rod on Tue Apr 22, 04:11 PM

The mighty Mastodon is bringing the metal to the Showbox SODO on April 28th to give us lucky Seattleites a preview of their forthcoming full-length, Once More Around the Sun (due in June)! To heat things up even more, Gojira and Kvelertak are also on the bill! Enter to win a pair of tickets by e-mailing with the subject line "Leviathan" and please include first & last name with entry. We'll draw winners on 4/27. Good luck!

The Fresh Sheet! New Releases 4/22

posted by Rod on Tue Apr 22, 02:16 PM

Eels - The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett (only vinyl in stock now at store...CDs later this week)

"If past Eels albums have been like rifling through the pages of Everett's diary, then The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett is like gazing directly into the heart of his soul. Eels may not tread any new ground musically (aside from being generally less noisy), but never before have we seen such raw emotion on show. It would be a shame if this album, like their last couple, doesn't get listened to beyond Eels’ devoted fan base. There is something rather special in these cautionary tales, something that all of us can learn from." - Christopher McBride, Drowned In Sound

Death - Death III

"When Death's meager, forgotten discography from the 70s began to be unearthed in 2009, it made sense to peg the group as proto-punk. In fact, the first Death collection, …For the Whole World to See, went out of its way to reinforce this image. Here were a trio of African-American brothers from Detroit who—before the Ramones had released a record—laid down a lean, ferocious form of rock'n'roll. But even that initial anthology of songs, as carefully as it was curated, showed that Death always had more going on—an impression driven home by 2011's more varied (if less consistent) Spiritual, Mental, Physical. Like The MC5 before them, Death drew from the lineage of Detroit R&B—and not just the commercial Motown variety—while sinking their teeth into the darker side of feedback-laced psychedelia and hard rock. The selling of Death as a proto-punk band certainly helped the long-lost group catch the attention of modern listeners, especially now that they've reformed (minus their late leader, guitarist David Hackney). But with their third archival release, Death III, it's become even clearer that Death had much more than spit and snarl up their sleeves. … Even defining punk in its broadest terms, as an ethic rather than an aesthetic, doesn't cover what Death was truly about. They were in many ways uncompromising—but as Death III shows, they were just as happy to make sweet, pleasing music in the hopes of reaching a larger audience. That conflict of sound and approach, a symptom of the group's internal tensions as musicians and as siblings, makes these songs both more soulful and tougher to cram in a pigeonhole. The best thing about Death III is that it finally unravels the narrative set up by their previous two albums: that Death was a punk band, one that in some way may have even helped invent punk. It's an absurd notion, and one that sells short what the Hackney Brothers actually accomplished. The truth is much messier, and much more beautiful." - Jason Heller, Pitchfork

Death - "North St."

Neon Trees - Pop Psychology

"On their two hit singles – 2010's 'Animal' and 2012's 'Everybody Talks' – Neon Trees refashioned post-Strokes dance rock into unshakable radio pop. If the Utah band was from New York or L.A., its slick simulations of neo-New Wave might seem cynical. But there's something sweet about kids from more or less the middle of nowhere getting their little piece of modern rock. They're not Foster the People, they're everyday people.  The Trees' third album ups the empathy quotient: Frontman Tyler Glenn, who was raised Mormon, recently came out as gay, so phrases like 'I was socially absurd' take on unexpected resonance. Pop Psychology opens with the biggest, shiniest songs he's come up with, each taking on a slippery aspect of post-modern romance. There's the sun-kissed altpop of 'Love in the 21st Century,' the Peter Gabriel arena gush of 'Sleeping With a Friend,' theBowie-quoting bubble-punk of 'Teenager in Love.' The stark, chilly synth ballad 'Voices in the Hall' works as both a late-night breakup lament and a testament of personal struggle, as if the difference between pop and art was no difference at all." - Jon Dolan, Rolling Stone

Neon Trees - "Sleeping With A Friend"

Kelis - Food

"At 34 years old — post divorce, contract liberation and since becoming a mother — Kelis is beyond the point of trying to fit into any box that the industry has tried to squash her into, whether it was a label with misgivings or a radio station that couldn't figure out where she belonged. In flipping her sound once again, she found an unlikely partnership with indie/art-rocker Dave Sitek (of TV on the Radio fame) and the 13-piece band that came with him. The result is songs that we'd never have expected from the singer. Instead of playing her position and exploring with futuristic interpretations, Kelis tips her hat to the past with a palette that revels in soul, doo-wop and layered girl-group harmonies. It's a pace further away from the massive hit song that, more than a decade later, refuses to go down. … With her signature throaty growl, Kelis relays what she needs throughout Food. Whether she's asking for something as deceptively simple as ice-cold water in a song like 'Friday Fish Fry,' or something as complicated as love itself on songs like 'Floyd,' where she huskily, sweetly, sings, 'I want to be blown away,' Food represents Kelis' most heartfelt demand — graciously intoned, especially compared to the ways she has insisted before — that we acknowledge where she is now." - Kiana Fitzgerald, NPR

Kelis - "Jerk Ribs"

G. Love & Special Sauce - Sugar

"Combining their branded hip-hop blues sound and a raw live recording process, the original members of G. Love & Special Sauce returned to the studio for the first time in almost a decade to make their newest album, Sugar. Vocalist/guitarist/harmonica player Garrett Dutton, upright bassist James 'Jimi Jazz' Prescott and drummer Jeffrey 'The Houseman' Clemens are back with grit and swagger, and they get some help from guest musicians like Los Lobos guitarist David Hidalgo (on three tracks), legendary vocalist Merry Clayton (best known for her duet with Jagger on The Rolling Stones' 'Gimme Shelter') and others. What started as an album about a breakup transformed into something with a broader reflection for G. Love, as he spits his truth about struggle, love and a Mississippi-flavored jam called the 'Good Life.'" - Trina Kalderon, Relix

G. Love & Special Sauce - "Nothing Quite Like Home"

Future - Honest

"In rap, nothing is proprietary. Be it a unique production choice or a novel flow or inflection, every stylistic innovation is piped directly into the genre's public domain, where it's swiftly copied, co-opted, and exhausted. Future understands this better than most. In a few short years, his signature delivery, a melancholy garble that imparts emotional gravity to even the most unassuming sentiments, has been claimed by countless successors, particularly in his native Atlanta, where seemingly half the city now raps in his unmistakable emotive croon. Rather than cede his terrain, though, on his cocksure sophomore album, Honest, Future reasserts ownership of the sound he popularized, handily outshining his many imitators. In a ketchup aisle that grows ever more crowded by the day, he’s the clear Heinz. ... For an A-list rap album, Honest is refreshingly small in scope. It resists grandiose production flourishes, message songs, ambitious themes, run-on suites, and most of the other tropes rappers over-rely on to telegraph importance. Instead it just lets the bangers rip, freeing Future to cruise down his preferred lane unimpeded. Some of his major-label peers might do well to think this small from time to time." - Evan Rytlewski, The AV Club

Future - "Move That Dope"

NOTE: We only have time to spotlight a fraction of the new releases out each week in the Fresh Sheet. See our full list here!

Record Store Day 2014 In Photos!

posted by Rod on Tue Apr 22, 01:17 PM

April 19th was a GREAT day...and we're still recovering! Thanks for being there for us on Record Store Day 2014....we had a blast and hope y'all did too. Enjoy these Kodak moments of the big day.

View Photo Gallery!

Record Store Day 2014 Best Sellers!

posted by Rod on Mon Apr 21, 04:34 PM

Thanks for all of your amazing support on Record Store Day 2014! We hope you got everything you needed! Here's a list of our top 50 RSD best sellers - the top 3 are now available online!

Stay tuned for our RSD14 photo gallery coming at you tomorrow!


  1. Screaming Trees - Last Words: The Final Recordings
  2. Caspar Babypants - Bonus Beatles! 7”
  3. Mystery Side By Side - Mystery Side By Side 7”
  4. Flaming Lips/Devo - Gates Of Steel 7”
  5. Death Cab For Cutie - Live 2012
  6. Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea 7”
  7. Tame Impala - Live Versions
  8. The Pogues - Live With Joe Strummer
  9. Bruce Springsteen - American Beauty
  10. Outkast - Southernplayalistica
  11. Mudhoney - On Top
  12. Built To Spill - Ultimate Alternative Wavers
  13. Velvet Underground - Loaded
  14. Flaming Lips - 7 Skies H3-
  15. Broken Bells - Holding On For Life
  16. Notorious BIG - Life After Death
  17. The Zombies - Odessey & Oracle
  18. Grateful Dead - Live At Hampton College
  19. Soundgarden - Superunknown (Box)
  20. Original Soundtrack - The Wizard Of Oz
  21. The Cure/Dinosaur Jr. - Side By Side: Just Like Heaven 7”
  22. Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation of Millions…
  23. Gram Parsons - 180 Gram: Alternate Versions
  24. Haim - Forever
  25. Joy Division - An Ideal For Living
  26. Frank Zappa - Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow 7”
  27. Neko Case/Jason Lytle - Satellite Of Love 7”
  28. Foals - Live At Royal Albert Hall
  29. Johnny Cash - With His Hot & Blue Guitar
  30. Pantera/Poison Idea - Side By Side: The Badge
  31. Ramones - Meltdown With The Ramones
  32. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - She’s On It
  33. Ronnie Spector - Say Goodbye To Holly 7”
  34. Animals - Animals
  35. Spoon - Love Ways
  36. William Onyeabor - What?
  37. Yardbirds - Little Games
  38. Green Day - Demolicious (CD)
  39. The Zombies - I Love You
  40. Pissed Jeans - The Very Best Of Sub Pop
  41. Phosphorescent - Songs For Zula
  42. Pinback - Pinback
  43. Liars - Mess On A Mission
  44. Chvrches - Recover EP
  45. Atmosphere - Lake Nokomis
  46. Tears For Fears - Ready Boys & Girls
  47. Otis Redding - Pain In My Heart
  48. Donny Hathaway - Live At The Bitter End
  49. Childish Gambino - Because The Internet
  50. Conor Oberst/Dawes - Split 7”

Enter To Win Tickets To White Lies At The Showbox!

posted by Rod on Sun Apr 20, 10:38 AM

British post-punk band White Lies will be at the Showbox Market on April 23rd! Enter to win a pair of tickets by e-mailing with the subject line "Big TV" (the title of their most recent release) and please include first & last name with entry. We'll draw winners on 4/21. Good luck!


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How About I Be Me (And You Be You)

Sinead O'Connor

How About I Be Me (And You Be You)

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Red Barked Tree


Red Barked Tree

In the early days, Wire were the unchallenged masters of minimal - fifteen of the twenty-one songs on their 1976 debut, Pink Flag, were under two minutes, with six coming in at under one minute. Working within that time frame, the band could rarely fit more than a few...Continue»

The Promise

Bruce Springsteen

The Promise

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The Lady Killer

Cee Lo Green

The Lady Killer

We already know all about the viral smash "F*** You," but what about the rest of the third solo jam by Gnarls Barkley/Goodie Mob member Cee-Lo Green? He describes The Lady Killer as his attempt at "picking up where Barry White left off," but it appears to be...Continue»

Cobirds Unite

Rusty Willoughby

Cobirds Unite

I've been a Rusty Willoughby fan for a long time, from his mid-'80s power pop outfit Pure Joy to his most successful band, ironically named Flop, through to his most recent ensemble, Llama. Cobirds Unite is Willoughby's third solo album but in many ways it is unlike anything we've heard...Continue»

Release Me

The Like

Release Me

In 2001 Elvis Costello drummer Pete Thomas and producer Mitchell Froom heard that the 15-year-old daughter of Geffen Records exec Tony Berg was writing songs and hoped to start a band. Thomas and Froom got their own daughters in touch with Elizabeth "Z" Berg, and they became The Like. Naturally,...Continue»

Wake Up the Nation

Paul Weller

Wake Up the Nation

Paul Weller recently discussed how he wrote the songs for this crazy new album of his, saying, "After [2008's] 22 Dreams, I didn't have any songs to speak of apart from the odd title or couplet. So the whole process was really different. It was almost like starting from...Continue»


The Black Keys


While the Stones took over the new release spotlight last week with their Exile on Main Street reissue, the new Black Keys album, Brothers, takes a similar recipe as its 1972 predecessor - a steamy, stripped-down blend of Motown and Memphis soul influences and the blues  - and...Continue»