Music Releases 12-21-18

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Lone Justice - Live At The Palomino Live At The Palomino

• Previously unissued live performance from October 22, 1983. • Recorded at Los Angeles’ iconic Palomino club. • New liners from the band’s Marvin Etzioni and Ryan Hedgecock. Located in North Hollywood, The Palomino hosted Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, and many more classic country acts. Later, George Harrison, Elvis Costello, and Green Day played there. It was even featured in Every Which Way But Loose, Hooper, and even CHiPs. But, in the early ’80s, it was a haven for “cow-punk” acts like Lone Justice. Live At the Palomino, 1983 features 12 tracks from the early Lone Justice line-up consisting of Maria McKee, Ryan Hedgecock, Marvin Etzioni, and Don Willens. Songs from their yet to be issued debut are coupled with classic country covers, and songs which have appeared on various collections throughout the years—but never with this live power from this L.A. landmark. Packaging features photos and new notes from Etzioni and Hedgecock, and is issued with full cooperation from the band. Step back into the time when Lone Justice was the band to see, way out in the dusty valley. A timeless performance from a band that helped define a genre: Lone Justice—Live At The Palomino, 1983. They still are the light.

Lone Justice $16.98
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - 1981 Extended Play EP [Vinyl] 1981 Extended Play EP [Vinyl]

This is the debut EP from iDKHOW. They are a 2 piece band consisting of Dallon Weekes (ex Panic! At the Disco) and Ryan Seaman (ex Falling in Reverse). The band self-released 2 tracks in 2017  that fans discovered and streamed millions of times, earning them a Rock Sound cover as a then unsigned band. They played Reading and Leeds festivals this summer and are on tour with Waterparks in the US during the release of Extended Play.

I Don't Know How But They Found Me $14.98 Digital: $7.99
David Attenborough - My Field Recordings From Across The Planet [2CD] My Field Recordings From Across The Planet [2CD]

Sir David Attenborough is renowned around the world for his commentary on Natural History documentaries. During his time collating his early works, he was an avid collector of field recordings from the countries which he visited. This first ever collection of his collections from the period between 1954 and 1963 is a unique view of this treasured recordings.

David Attenborough $23.98