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Review: Green Day - Dos


Green Day


By Matt Campbell

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Green Day is back with the second part of a three-part release, aptly titled ¡Dos! All I could think of while listening was, "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" It's about time they started singing about girls and emotions again. It's about time they made three-chord pop-punk songs again. It's about time they / we have fun again.

I'm not blaming them for going down the political road for a number of years with American Idiot (2004) and 21st Century Breakdown (2009). I mean, it was the Bush years after all, what better time for a resurgence of punk rock? It's now 2012, Bush is long gone, and let's be honest, how long can someone stay angry at religion and politics? The answer? About 12 years. ¡Dos! is out 12 years after my personal favorite Green Day album, Warning, and it feels more like a follow-up to that than anything. Simple pop songs, some of which could be straight out of a '50s surfer playlist ("Amy"). "Stray Heart" sounds like a Buddy Holly cover song. "F*** Time" feels like a b-side from The Living End. Looking for vintage Green Day? The third track, "Stop When The Red Lights Flash," could have been an extra track from Nimrod or Insomnia.

Green Day is one of the few bands that has stood the test of time, still creating good music and promoting fun. The good news? ¡Dos! is only the second part! Check out ¡Uno! (Released in September of this year), and ¡Tre! (scheduled for a January release).

Grade: Remember that dog you had 10 years ago that ran away? Well guess who showed up on the porch this morning?!!!

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