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Review: Tegan & Sara - "Heartthrob"


Tegan and Sara


By Constant Listener

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One of the pleasures of reviewing music for the past year and a half has been discovering new bands - but in my case it has been less a case of discovering NEW bands, as discovering bands that are new to me. Apparently Tegan and Sara have been around since the '90s. Didn't know that. I'd heard OF them but I'd never really HEARD them. But let's dispense with the usual summary/description/analysis stuff and simply say a few words in favor of this record in the hope that you'll decide to hear it for yourself: I was working on another review of a more serious sounding and self-important indie rock release, and although the record was pretty good, I was having trouble focusing. I decided to take a break and try Tegan and Sara's new dancey pop record Heartthrob instead. Bingo. Suddenly listening to music was fun again and I didn't have to work so hard to like what I was hearing. If some albums are like eating your vegetables and some albums are like eating your fruit, then I would say Heartthrob is a nice juicy peach.

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