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Review: The Tenors - "Lead With Your Heart"


The Tenors

Lead With Your Heart

By Constant Listener

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I flip-flopped on these guys. Maybe this means I should (or shouldn't?) go into politics. At first I was skeptical - just another group of poperabots, carefully manufactured for maximum revenue potential and marketed to the mindless masses who will shell out the cash for anything as long as it sounds pretty and makes them feel better for a minute. But then, the more I listened, the more I liked, and the more I realized that when it comes to The Tenors it's really very simple - these guys can sing! They have amazing voices, and they're willing to lend them to whatever strikes their fancy. There's Elton, there's Bee Gees, there's Dylan, there's classical, there's something original, and even that old spiritual-goosebump-gang chestnut "Amazing Grace" makes an appearance. And it's all sung beautifully. Sometimes overdone and sometimes cheesy, but maybe that's okay if it's beautifully overdone and beautifully cheesy. For me the strongest section of the album comes right in the middle, where exactly four tracks in a row (5-8) seem neither overdone nor cheesy. The French and the Spanish helps I'm sure, ("Journees D'Innocence" and "Manana") as does the powerfully economical structure and delivery of the English-sung pop nuggets "World Stand Still" and "Anchor." Anyone who is too cool for school will probably not be into this stuff, and although I probably won't ever be totally down with four dudes singing an early 80's Streisand hit about being a "Woman in Love" (in Spanish), I must admit that these guys have great talent, and they deserve the support of lovers of beautiful singing everywhere.

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