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Review: Tennis - "Cape Dory"



Cape Dory

By Shanika

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Everyone loves an album they can put on that just goes with the feeling of the day. It’s sunny outside, you’re out on a walk, and it just makes you feel good. Might Cape Dory be one of those albums? Tennis is the collaboration between husband and wife Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore. The album is a collection of songs inspired by a yearlong sailing trip the couple took before they were wed. Making an album based on their trip was not their original intention. They simply wanted a nice getaway to be able to focus on themselves. But after they’d returned, they suddenly had a spark of creativity and decided to write about their experiences and turn them into songs. It came somewhat easily for them, since they both have past musical experience (Moore is a classically trained pianist, and Riley has played guitar in several bands). The short and sweet melodies chronologically retrace their journey along the east coast, from the yearning to get out of town on a trip, through the actual voyage, and the couple's relationship issues within it.

The duo notes that their musical influences were mainly drawn from '60s pop tunes. Music that reminded them "of a simpler time, where you don’t have to analyze [anything]."’ Comfort music, they call it. The result of that influence is a mix between the '60s girl groups' sound with a leisurely surf rock edge (think Best Coast, but less desperate). Light pop songs, simple guitar melodies and peppy drums. Moore’s dainty voice gives the songs a “relaxing on a beach” feeling. It's fun to listen to now, but just wait until we have days with lots of sunlight and warm weather.

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