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Review: Hildur Gudnadottir - "Mount A"


Hildur Gudnadottir

Mount A

By Jefferson

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Totally perfect fall tunes! Icelandic string player Hildur Gudnadottir, the lady behind the previous Lost in Hildurness project has her first solo album reissued with much finer visuals (thanks to John Wozencroft) and a new title on the nearly-infallible Touch label. An expanded instrumental lineup from her previous Touch album, Without Sinking, can be found with cello, viola, zither, moran khuur, piano, vibraphone and gamelan all employed in the most austere and withheld sense serving the bare, aquatic, open landscapes (seascapes?) this music evokes. Oh yes, and it's damn beautiful too. This is the same young woman whose string playing can be heard in Pan Sonic's Katodivaihe and BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa's excellent drone-based collaborative work, Second Childhood, which curiously, was featured in the soundtrack of Gaspar Noe's mind-altering, genre-creating death/psychedelic trip of the year that's playing in theaters now, Enter the Void.

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