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Review: Cloudland Canyons - "Fin Eaves"


Cloudland Canyons

Fin Eaves

By Jefferson

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Nice surprise with this one! Somehow living up to the promise of a  post-Krautrock, post-shoegaze superfuzzed-out psychedelic pop that draws on the traditions laid down a decade ago by Flying Saucer Attack and the more abstracted lost stylings of My Bloody Valentine's vocalization of pop lyricism, the new Cloudland Canyon on Holy Mountain delivers. Their previous album, Silver Tongued Sisyphus was a near hit with take on the above genre spin-offs, yet didn't quite achieve in the way of building on those genres. Somehow, Fin Eaves almost lives up to the PR hyperbole: "Fin Eaves is an antidote for widespread devastation caused by Creative Bankruptcy and The Arrogance of Assumed Originality--two epidemics of devastating mediocrity that will cause our children to break their own ribs with convulsive laughter. This album will be slobbered over by both cobweb-crotched solitude-enthusiasts and beautiful people alike for years and years." A lot of hype there, admittedly, but for fans of that post-shoegaze sound, this is a hidden, defining release, that will stealthily appear on noted best of lists come the end of 2010.

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