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Review: Glasser - "Ring"




By Shanika

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Cameron Mesirow is the divine voice behind Glasser, a one-woman experimental pop project that draws similarities from the likes of Bat for Lashes and Bjork. Within the album are also some Asian and tribal influences. The album is very well rounded and seamlessly structured. It grasps interest immediately with the first track, "Apply," which was my introduction to Glasser months ago through a random online playlist. The song is so animalistic, reminding me of feral children running through a forest with backing sounds of tribal drums and indigenous yelps leaping from her mouth. Each song continues a journey of intrigue and fantasy; very visual and imaginative.

That being said, I was slightly disappointed in the live show that took place at the Crocodile on November 7th. I was expecting some sort of outlandish set design: costumes, video, erratic lighting, live instruments. Instead, there were 3 guys in Ghostbuster-like suits (The midi guitar player looks just like Egon. No joke.) playing mostly electronics and some backing tracks. Cameron seemed very shy, as though it was her first time performing in front of a crowd. She was seldom interactive, and didn’t seem to have much to do besides dance around awkwardly with her microphone. However, I was extremely happy to find out that she really can sing. She sang both her song “T” and a traditional song of her choosing a cappella, and it was flawless. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected too much for her first headlining tour, and because of the fact that she has only one full length album. Overall, it sounded amazing and the more people listened the more they were in to it. This is definitely an album that gets better and better the more you listen to it. Can’t wait to see what Miss Mesirow comes up with in the future!

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