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Review: Cheap Trick - "Dream Police"


Cheap Trick

Dream Police

By Bob

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Often overshadowed by their own image and hard candy definition in the wake of punk and new wave, Cheap Trick have never been taken too seriously. The unexpected success that broke them with Budokan brought new challenges as well, with Epic delaying the release of Dream Police by almost a year (1979). Even still, the band takes their slick production even higher with such pop classics as “Way Of The World,” “Voices” and the infectious title track. The guitars, bass lines and vocals soar throughout, yet it’s on the album’s deeper cuts where the band have never sounded tighter and edgier, almost with something to prove. “The House Is Rockin (With Domestic Problems)” features some of Rick Nielsen’s best unhindered fret work, and Robin Zander, known for his beautiful melodic vocals, shreds like no tomorrow on “Gonna Raise Hell." With every listen, I’m a freshman in high school, skipping class all over again.

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