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Review: MellowHype - "Numbers"




By Sam

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This is the second album released by the Odd Future side project, MellowHype, which consists of Hodgy Beats and Producer Left Brain. Fortunately, this album is a lot more consistent than their debut, BlackendWhite, which was released in July of 2011. Hodgy and Left Brain generally tend to rely on aggressive verses with even more aggressive beats when composing their music, but this time around Hodgy has taken a softer more introspective tone and Left Brain is relying more on creating electronic melodies than ever before. There’s something to be said for how well the tracks in Numbers flow into each other compared to their previous release. Like anything vaguely Odd Future related, you’re going to find a handful of other members laced on these tracks, and this could be one of the strongest assets to Numbers. Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, Mike G, and Tyler, The Creator all make appearances, which transforms this album into something very interesting and special.

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