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Review: Flying Lotus - "Until The Quiet Comes"


Flying Lotus

Until The Quiet Comes

By Sam

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Categorizing Flying Lotus’s music is difficult, but it’s somewhere in the vein of free jazz and electronic. Until the Quiet Comes is Flying Lotus’s fourth full album and possibly one of his strongest yet. As is the case with everything he releases, this album is a journey meant to taken in full. In an interview with Wax Poetics, Flying Lotus (also known as Steven Ellison) discusses the creative process and talks about how he likes to create cohesive movements that tell a story instead of songs that are going to be immediately divided up as different tracks and labeled as singles and what not. This methodology is immediately apparent when listening to this release and is my favorite thing about the album. He also played a show a couple weeks back at the Neptune Theater, which received glowing reviews. It’s going to be hard to put this album down and I surmise that it will probably end up on a lot of “albums of the year” lists when December rolls around.

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