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Frightened Rabbit - "Pedestrian Verse"


Frightened Rabbit

Pedestrian Verse

By Constant Listener

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It always feels so good to find another great album to listen to. Suddenly life is less lame again and there is something new to look forward to. Especially when it's the kind of album that I can put on repeat and listen to over and over again and each time it starts over, rather than thinking "hmm, what should I listen to next?" I find myself wondering "how soon I can get to the record store to pick up the CD?". As a music junkie with too many songs on his iTunes, this has become the ultimate tribute that my music-pickled mind pays to an album - when the digital copy just doesn't do it and I feel like I've got to take the relationship to the next level. If digital is just friends at school, then a trip to the record store means we're gonna stay up all night and freakin' braid each other's hair.

With Pedestrian Verse, Scotland's Frightened Rabbit has made the kind of album I want to invite to my slumber party.

It's pop, it's rock, it's indie, it's top 40, it's lyrical Scotch on musical rocks, and because it's that rare combination of an entire collection of songs that holds my attention from start to finish, I'll skip the part where I might prattle on about influences or comparisons, quote and analyze lyrics, or use terms like "reverb-drenched" or "radio-friendly" - I'll skip that part and simply say: buy this album, and see if it can hold your attention too.

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