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Youth Lagoon - Year of Hibernation


Youth Lagoon

Year of Hibernation

By Troy

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Youth Lagoon is spearheaded by a 22-year-old kid named Trevor Powers from Boise, Idaho. The album is only eight tracks long but plays out beautifully like any ten to fifteen track album. It’s a very intimate record that sounds like it was recorded in a bedroom, maybe a garage. Each track starts out as an atmospheric dream until it builds and builds into an undeniable groove that will have your head nodding up and down without you even realizing it. Trevor’s voice is extremely youthful and fragile, reminding me of one of my favorite artists of all time, Daniel Johnston. What I love most about these songs is that you feel like you are listening in on some kid-genius crafting very personal and amazing songs that nobody will ever hear. Contrary to that opinion, this album is so good that many people will in fact hear it, and love every song in their own way.

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