Live At The Rainbow '74

Live At The Rainbow '74

Artist: Queen

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Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 09/09/2014
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Live At The Rainbow '74 CD
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1. Procession
2. Father to Son
3. Ogre Battle
4. Son and Daughter
5. Guitar Solo
6. Son and Daughter (Reprise)
7. White Queen (As It Began)
8. Great King Rat
9. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke
10. Keep Yourself Alive
11. Drum Solo
12. Keep Yourself Alive (Reprise)
13. Seven Seas of Rhye
14. Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll
15. Jailhouse Rock / Stupid Cupid / Be Bop A Lula
16. Liar
17. See What a Fool I've Been


1. Procession
2. Now I'm Here
3. Ogre Battle
4. Father to Son
5. White Queen (As It Began)
6. Flick of the Wrist
7. In the Lap of the Gods
8. Killer Queen
9. The March of the Black Queen
10. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
11. Son and Daughter
12. Guitar Solo
13. Son and Daughter (Reprise)
14. Keep Yourself Alive
15. Drum Solo
16. Keep Yourself Alive (Reprise)
17. Seven Seas of Rhye
18. Stone Cold Crazy
19. Liar
20. In the Lap of the Gods...Revisited
21. Big Spender
22. Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll
23. Jailhouse Rock
24. God Save the Queen

More Info:

Sunday March 31st 1974 is a landmark date in the history of rock music. It is now celebrated in the release of a rare recording made at legendary London venue The Rainbow, of a concert by the then up-and-coming band called Queen. Few who turned up for that iconic performance could have predicted they would go on to become arguably the world's best and most successful rock group, although many more may have suspected it after this stunning show.