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What's New 4-1-22


Red Hot Chili Peppers have clearly been galvanized by guitarist John Frusciante's return from self-imposed exile in 2009 and the results are some of RHCP's strongest songs since 2002's By The Way. The sprawling 17 tracks are an impressive consolidation of their strengths an eager to relighting of the bands classic elemental spark.

New West

Set Sail continues the bands tradition of creating roots music that displays remarkable variety. With their latest record, NMA are able to build upon their self-described sound of Primitive Modernism - a melding of the new and the old, traditional and futuristic, crafted lyrics and improvisational music.


In the world of Tilt, nothing is certain except taxes, death and Confidence Man. They are unstoppable, unquenchable, undeniable, and if you get in their way, you're gonna get hurt. Not even a global pandemic could stop Janet, Sugar, Reggie and Clarence from producing an album so fierce, flirty and full of anthems that you might need to sit down before you hit play.

Atomic Fire

Full of surprises and yet instantly recognizable as the work of metal's most idiosyncratic force, Immutable redefines and redesigns the Meshuggah sound across more than an hour of the most stimulating and absorbing music the band have ever made. As we spiral towards a dystopian future, Meshuggah still stands alone.


The Danish-Swedish quartet Vola are back with their first live album featuring songs from their entire catalog. Live From The Pool showcases a band hitting their stride as they masterfully blend futuristic progressive rock with electronica and modern metal, topped off with clear, beautiful vocal lines.

Velvet Rose Records

A complete 180 from 2019s revealing and cathartic Room 41, Country Coming Down finds Cauthen renewed with a heathy, confident and downright fun headspace. The 10 new songs feature honest and brash themes that go from excess and hedonism to love and devotion, all rolled up in one album.

Blue Note

Pianist and composer Gerald Clayton explores the impact and abstraction of time on his ravishing second Blue Note album. Bells On Sand (featuring his father on sax) includes new original pieces by Catalan composer Federico Mompou, his uncle Jeff Clayton, and 2 stunning solo piano versions of the standard "My Ideal."


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