In Rotation With Wolfgang!

Wolfgang grew up in the 'burbs around Seattle but moved to Queen Anne the second he was able in order to be close to Easy Street Queen Anne and the Sonics. When both of those left so did he, for a brief stint in Portland, before ending up back in West Seattle. In addition to working at Easy Street, he assists DJ Troy Nelson at KEXP, plays music whenever possible, and has never met a cat he didn't like. Here's the music that's been on his mind lately....

Future - Honest

If I'm just being #Honest I've listened to this album more than twice as much as any other that's come out in 2014. From auto-tuned not-quite-love ballads like "I Won" and the title song, to true ATL trunk rattlers like "Sh!t" and "Move That Dope," to bringing Andre 3000 out of the woodwork to remind everyone that he is indeed still the Greatest Rapper Alive (as he does here on "Benz Friendz"), Future really is what he claims - The Future.

Monarch - Sabbracadaver

Feel your skin crawl as ghostly whispers and electronics creep their way through sub-Sunn O))) riffs. Put the children to bed before singer Emilie emerges from the shadows and unleashes a banshee wail so harrowing you will wonder what hellish circumstances led to the recording of an album this terrifying. Three songs stretched over 46 minutes of the most chilling funeral doom you're likely to hear this year, all made by a group of adorably demented French metalheads who've referred to their band as the "Sanrio Sabbath" before.

Ben Frost - A U R O R A

Icelandic ambient master returns with his latest dose of industrial-strength transmissions for late-night trippers, sound chasers, and other extra-terrestrials.

Total Control - Typical System

Australia's most recent Best Thing (which is saying something lately!) releases their latest genre-disregarding slab on Seattle's best record label, Iron Lung Records, and immediately sells out of them. There's always next pressing, right? There's no way to properly represent this band in one song but "Black Spring" hits a particular Aussie pub rock-meets-Krautrock vibe that Mikey Young nailed on his former band Eddy Current Suppression Ring's swan song, Rush To Relax.

Murder City Devils - The White Ghost Has Blood On Its Hands Again (not yet available)

Reunion shows are one thing, but no one comes back from a recording hiatus that long and records a good album. Except not only did the Murder City Devils do THAT, they ALSO proved that just because you're older doesn't mean you have to get tamer and lamer! The leadoff track from their newest LP puts them in the running with Shellac for "bands with the most Best Leadoff Tracks," and while we're conjuring Albini, this band somehow sounds noisier and uglier than ever, more in line with Touch and Go in the '80s than any of their prior reference points. Which is all to say thank the devil below for the Murder City Devils, and thank the Murder City Devils for saving rock and roll AGAIN.