Black Friday Staff Picks: Rod's List

Black Friday Staff Picks: Rod's List

The countdown begins! Record Store Day's Black Friday is 11/28. We've been posting daily staff picks all month long; starting today we'll post the full RSDBF wish lists from each participating staff member (if you subscribe to our e-newsletter, you've seen a few of these already). Here's one from our website manager, Rod...

The JB's- These Are The JB's

Put some soul in your stocking with the first official release of a 1970 test pressing of James Brown's unsurpassable funky band, led by Bootsy Collins at the time. Read more and listen to snippets here

Phil Spector & Various Artists - A Christmas Gift For You

What more can be said about this holiday classic, often cited as the best Christmas album of all time? Well, just this: The RSDBF release is sourced from the original Phillies label mono masters and is pressed on 180g vinyl in a limited, red-wax edition. Santa, I've been a VERY good boy.

Johnny Thunders - Looking For Johnny

This soundtrack from the documentary sounds like a fabulous Thunders' comp to me, and on double red patent-leather vinyl to boot (ha!). 

New Order - 1981-82

Five song EP that waves farewell to the Joy Division influences of New Order's debut, and boldy moves forward onto a dancefloor filled with programmed drums, synths and grooves. Not quite Lowlife, mind you, but testing the waters. 

Neil Young - Official Release Series, Discs 5-8 - Box Set

Spendy, but the sound quality of the first installment of this series of remastered Shakey LPs just clean blew me away. And I just bought a pair of amazing vintage Klipsch speakers, so.... This set includes On The Beach, Time Fades Away, Tonight's The Night and Zuma.