Video Of The Day: Tom Dyer - "No Lou This Xmas"

Filmed at Easy Street, The Benbow Room and The Trading Musician, the video for Tom Dyer's "No Lou This Xmas" tells the story of a kid who did get some Lou for Xmas...which led to even louder and shinier acquisitions! Tom Dyer is owner of Seattle's Green Monkey Records and the video includes members of the Green Pajamas, King County Queens, the Cheeky Dames and, of course, Milo, the kid. Green Monkey is currently doing a holiday campaign to raise money for MusiCares, a very fine charity that helps music people in need. They are raising funds through an IndieGoGo project as well as an amazing Xmas Show at Darrell’s Tavern on December 13, 2014. Donate now!