From The Pit! Doomtree At Neumos - 3/9/15

By Grady Tyree

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Unless you live in Minneapolis, your chances of catching Doomtree out and about together is pretty slim … maybe you’ll catch Sims and Dessa on tour, or Mike Mictlan and P.O.S. playing shows together, but to have all seven members packed onstage, weaving between microphone wires, jumping around, hyping up the crowd, it’s just not the same. It’s been three years since the last Doomtree sighting in Seattle, when they played to a sold-out house at the Crocodile while touring for No Kings, and a few weeks back, the full house at Neumos got to see six-sevenths (unfortunately, Lazerbeak was not in attendance) of the hip-hop collective share the stage together and ultimately bring the house down!

Shortly after Paper Tiger took up residence behind the turntables and drum machines, the five emcees ascended the stage and the crowd went bananas as they launched into the Minneapolis version of duck, duck, goose with “Gray Duck,” promptly followed by the neck-crackin’ “No Way” from No Kings, “Generator” from All Hands, and crowd favorite, “Bolt Cutter,” which had the entire house singing the chorus with the group.

From here, the crew accentuated their solo material, as each member took time to drop new and old, beginning with the return of P.O.S., who launched into the infectious “Drumroll (We’re All Thirsty)” from Never Better, and had the crowd screaming along with every word! Next was “Cabin Killer” from the new album, and then solo tracks from Mike Mictlan (“CLAPP’D”) and Sims (“Scope Or Claw”), both cuts coming from the newest material from each artist. Not to be outdone by her cohorts, Dessa was next up as she launched into “Seamstress” from A Badly Broken Code, which included a visit to the fans as she jumped down into the middle of the crowd, and then held it down on her duet with Cecil Otter that followed, “Little Mercy.” Cecil, battling some sort of sickness himself, then kicked off back-to-back tracks from his catalog with “Sufficiently Breathless” and “Rebel Yellow,” noting between that he was going to hold back to keep some of his voice left for Portland, before saying fuck it, and crushing the song. On the heels of “Rebel Yellow”, the rest of the crew came out from behind the DJ table and joined Cecil for “Final Boss,” the most current single from All Hands, and from there they just zigged-and-zagged through their material … a few more cuts from Dessa (“Call Off Your Ghost”), Mike Mictlan (“Prizefight”), and P.O.S. (“Lock-Picks, Knives, Bricks And Bats”, “Get Down”, “Low Light Low Life”) before shutting the place down with “Bangarang” from No Kings!

From the moment Doomtree walked on stage, the club was uncontrollable, and not until well after all the members had left the stage did the crowd finally dissipate. Doomtree come to town and own whatever stage they step on, if you got the chance to see them on this spring tour, consider yourself very fortunate because shows of this caliber are few and far between. Bangarang.