Record Store Day 2015 Pick Of The Day #2!

Easy Street store manager Adam shares his RSD 2015 pick of the day! Record Store Day 2015 is April 18th...let's get this party started!

KMD - Black Bastards Deluxe Pop-Up Book Edition

The words "lost classic" get thrown around from time to time, but KMD’s sophomore album, Black Bastards, truly fits the bill. Originally scheduled for release in the spring of 1994, Elektra Records unceremoniously shelved it at the eleventh hour due to controversy over the provocative cover art. Surviving group member MF Doom (then known as Zev Love X) – as fans know, his younger brother Subroc was killed in 1993 – tried to release the album on other labels, but met more dead ends. Sadly, it languished in hip-hop purgatory until six years later. Even then, the album had only a limited release via small indie labels. Finally given deluxe treatment more than two decades after its completion (and 15 years after its first release), this special Record Store Day 2015 set features 2 CDs containing all 14 of the album’s original vocal tracks, with a second "bonuses and instrumentals" CD, which features rare cuts and remixes. The set also contains a 7-inch picture disc of the single "What A Nigga Know." It is all encased in a truly unique hard-page Children’s Book package, with a KMD "Sambo Mascot" pop-up. You have never seen anything like this before!