Record Store Day 2015 At Easy Street (Part 1)

The Big Day you have all been waiting for is happening this Saturday (April 18th) and we know you are all as excited as we are. As always, there are some great releases this year and if you have not already made your list and etched the artwork in your mind ready for the hunt, you can check out the full list of releases here on our site or of course you can check for more details.  Note: We have no guarantee over which releases we will have available and how many, but feel free to contact us to see if we have ordered any particular release.

First Store to Open, Last Store to Close - We will open our doors at 7am and expect to remain open well after our usual closing time of 9pm. Why? Could it be we have something amazing in the works? Hmmm.....we can't reveal just yet, but we can tell you about some Guest DJs we're getting in to spin on RSD. OK, let's just start with one for now... Chris Ballew! Yes, the mad scientist behind Caspar Babypants and the Presidents Of The United States Of America will once again man the turntables at Easy Street's RSD 15 celebration!

Keep an eye on Easy Street Online and on our Twitter and Facebook pages for spin times and for further surprises....meantime, here some excerpts from our interview with Chris Ballew a few years back

On living in West Seattle: "I’m so happy and excited to have found my real place here in Seattle. I’ve experimented with a bunch of different parts of town and the vibe out here and especially the vibe down off of Beach Drive where I live is a dream come true. Back in the day I had a little shack up on Lopez Island and I loved it but I was sad that the laid back feel had to involve such a long trip and a ferry. I really get that same sensation here in W.S. ...what a relief!"

About focusing on the FUN!: "I have always written ALL kinds of music. I have a bunch of depressing or sad songs as well as the happy ones I am known for. I was a huge fan of the intensity of the music coming out of Seattle. I was living in Boston when it really hit and came back on the down slope of the scene here starting in 1992. I do remember seeing the MTV Music Awards one year and it was wall-to-wall Seattle and all that intensity. I did consciously think 'I NEED TO INJECT SOME GOOD TIMES INTO THIS SCENE' and I wrote two songs right there that ended up on the PUSA debut. So it was a decision to focus on the FUN. But the fact that it became huge for us was a surprise for sure."

On Caspar Babypants: "I am super excited about making kids music. There is an element in there from my own childhood, which was very smooth and creative and loose and fun. I spent entire days playing with my brother and making up songs and rhymes. My life now is kind of an extension of those lazy days. Except now I do it in my studio! Also, that free-flowing creative surreality that kids access with their writing and songwriting is something I just ALWAYS want to be close to and making music for kids keeps me there even more than PUSA. The songwriting in PUSA is a balance between innocent and innuendo that I don’t fully have control over whereas the pure innocence of the Babypants I could do forever and ever. Right now I feel so COMPLETE making music for babies and parents that the world of grown-up music seems kind of grey to me! I feel like I am touching a core nerve of being human with the Babypants stuff."

Of course Record Store Day is not just about the releases, it is a day to celebrate Independent Record Stores and we hope that you will be joining us for the whole day as we will have lots of great celebrations going on.

See you all soon and good luck.