The Sonics At Easy Street - Record Store Day 2015!

Updated 4/24/15

It was one for the books! The Sonics blew it up at Easy Street Records on Record Store Day 2015 with the help of some very special friends! Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket to support KEXP's New Home!

Gonna say it right now - Record Store Day 2015 was the best one we've ever had in terms of business AND the most fun we've ever had as humans! Our deepest thanks to all of you for making RSD15 one for the books! Of course, the biggest thrill of all was the honor of hosting The Sonics and their special guests! We're still in a daze that these Northwest Legends agreed to take the stage and give us everything they had - they absolutely killed it!

Then there was the guests - original Sonics bassist Andy Parypa (who hadn't performed with them in decades!), Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder & Mike McCready, Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd, Chris Ballew (Caspar Babypants, PUSA), Tacocat's Emily Nokes, Screaming Trees' Mark Pickerel and Van Conner, Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening), Mudhoney's Matt Lukin, Girl Trouble's Big Kahuna, Jason Kertson (Sonics sax player Rob Lind's grandson) & Easy Street's own Rod Moody (Swallow, The Fuzz)!

Thanks to EVERYONE involved - from the musicians to management, to stage techs, to our staff - for helping to create another chapter in Northwest music history!

Read Charles R. Cross's excellent recap of the event in the Seattle Times

Check out Pete Hilgendorf's AWESOME photos of the night here! 

RSD15 Photos By Easy Street's Grady Tyree!

RSD15 Photos By KEXP's Jim Bennett!

Great writeup and photos on Oly Kaz Blog!

The event and its lineup of special guests resulted in worldwide media coverage, including Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NME, NY Daily News, Stereogum and many others. Ultimately, the night was all about The Sonics. They made history way back in 1965 and they're making it again in 2015. God bless 'em.

And now for more thanks....

The Performers: HUGE thanks to The Sonics - Gerry Roslie, Larry Parypa, Bob Lind, Freddie Dennis and Dusty Watson - and guest performers Andy Parypa, Chris Ballew, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder & Mike McCready, Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd, Tacocat's Emily Nokes, Mark Pickerel and Van Conner from Screaming Trees, Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening), Mudhoney's Matt Lukin, Jason Kertzen, Girl Trouble's Big Kahuna & Rod Moody (Swallow, The Fuzz)!

The DJs - Thanks to KEXP's Troy Nelson and Kevin Cole + Chris Ballew for keeping the turntables hot and spinning during RSD!

The Support Crew - There's no way this could've happened without the talents of Oliver, Laura, Greedy, Bryan, Matty, & Jen - Thank You!!

The Easy Riders - Another huge thanks goes to our staff working the event - Adam, Atticus, Grady, Andy, Vinny, Matt, Rebecca & Scott - for keeping everything running strong after a long day of Record Store Day action!

The Artist - BIG BIG Ups to Eric Carnell at Independence Printage for the awesome event lithos/tickets/t-shirts!

The Beer - Thanks to our event sponsor, Rainier Beer, for keeping us all hydrated and happy!

Kudos to all! Best RSD ever? It was for us...what do YOU think?