Hot Vinyl Of The Day 4/28/15!

Gonna start spotlighting some gems in our used inventory, starting with this one! Sonic Youth's 1995 release, Washing Machine, definitely needs to be part of your spin cycle! We've got a 1st press, double vinyl gatefold in beautiful shape waiting for you now! Long out of print.

Fun facts (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

The longest song on any Sonic Youth studio album is found on Washing Machine. "The Diamond Sea" clocks in at nearly twenty minutes long! An edited five-minute version was released as a single.

Washing Machine is the first Sonic Youth album to feature Kim Gordon almost exclusively on guitar instead of bass.

"Little Trouble Girl" features guest vocals from The Breeders' Kim Deal singing with Kim Gordon...a match made in indie-rock heaven!

In 1995, the band considered changing its name to Washing Machine.

The image on the front cover was a Polaroid of two fans taken by Kim Gordon. The band's record label insisted that the heads of the fans be cropped out as the band did not know their identity, and therefore could not obtain permission.