Hot Vinyl Of The Day! 4/29/15

Today's pick from our used vinyl stash is this 1999 triple-slab o' wax from Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile, which includes two tracks not on the CD version and a book!

Fun Facts (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Trent Reznor said this about The Fragile:  "It's not traditional Nine Inch Nails. Think of the most ridiculous music you could ever imagine with nursery rhymes over the top of it. A bunch of pop songs."

Reznor explains the writing of the instrumental "La Mer": "About 10 years ago or so I locked myself away in a house on the ocean, and I tried to... I said I was trying to write some music. Some of which wound up on The Fragile. But what I was really doing was trying to kill myself. And the whole time I was away by myself, I managed to write one song, which is this song."

"According to a CIA document entitled Guidelines for Interrogation Methods the song 'Somewhat Damaged' was one of thirteen songs played to detainees at Guantanamo Bay, supposedly as a means of torture."

The Fragile, NIN's third album, suffered from lackluster sales, and as a result, NIN's label, Interscope, refused to pay tour support. Reznor funded the entire tour himself, and although the dates sold out, Reznor maintained he was "broke at the end of the tour."

In 2009, a tweet from Nine Inch Nails hinted that a deluxe 5.1 surround audio reissue of The Fragile was in the works. It has yet to be released.