Vinyl Loft Pick O' The Day: Commercial Zone - Public Image Ltd.

In 1982, Public Image Ltd. began recording a new album for Virgin Records. By the end of the year, the band announced they would be releasing a new single, "Blue Water," and a six-song EP titled You Are Now Entering A Commercial Zone on their own record label. None of this happened. Instead, guitarist Keith Levene and bassist Pete Jones left the band, citing creative differences. Meanwhile, the remaining members of PiL, John Lydon and Martin Atkins, released a different song for the single - "This Is Not A Love Song," in September 1983, abandoned recording the unfinished EP, and went on tour, hiring session musicians to fill in for Levene and Jones. In the meantime, Levene took the unfinished tapes and did his own mix. He then gave the tapes to Virgin Records' president, Richard Branson, telling him it was the new PiL release. Incensed, John Lydon refused to let Virgin release the Levene mix and re-recorded the entire album with session musicians. However, before Virgin could release what would become This Is What You Want...This Is What You Get, Levene hastily formed a record label and put his version of the album - Commercial Zone - out in the U.S. After the first pressing of 10,000 and the second of 20,000, Virgin Records took legal action and halted further production of Levene's version, which is now a collector's item. Our copy is first pressing and VG+.