Sasquatch Performer Spotlight: Mother Mother

Sasquatch Performer Spotlight: Mother Mother

Mother Mother at Sasquatch! Set time: Friday, 7pm, Bigfoot Stage / Signing at Easy Street booth: 8:05pm

"[Mother Mother's] record is entitled Very Good Bad Thing and it is, by far, the band’s most surprising effort to date. It is composed of a combination of contrasting styles and the juxtaposition of divergent musical and lyrical elements. The result is one that could only be described as unexpected. It’s difficult to imagine an album being both rock and electronic, dark and light, heavy and peppy, tortured and celebratory, yet, that is exactly what Very Good Bad Thing is." - Confront Magazine

"The sound is predominantly electric and dance-ably rhythmic. There are synthetic interludes that could easily have accompanied horror films from the 70s ('Very Good Bad Thing', 'Shout If You Know'), and beats that could’ve been bumping out of car stereos in the pop-loving 90s ('Get Out the Way', 'Kept Down'). It all blends together to create a pop-rocky road, with something new to discover in every creamy spoonful." -

"Mother Mother have never shied away from switching things up. Originally an acoustic folk trio, the Vancouver quintet has since branded itself as an alt-rock band, art-pop troubadours and everything in between. The band's newest incarnation seems intent on making it big..." - Exclaim

Mother Mother will be signing at the Easy Street booth Friday at 8:05pm, following their 7pm set on the Bigfoot stage.