Album Review: Matt Pond PA - "The State Of Gold"

Album Review: Matt Pond PA -
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By Andrew Lee

I’m just gonna come right out and say it. This is a great album and you should buy it. If you already know Matt Pond PA you will most likely agree with this statement. If you’ve never heard of these guys, then congratulations, you just found a quality band to sink your teeth into. This is their ninth full length album, including their now out of print debut, and not including Matt Pond’s excellent “solo” album, The Lives Inside The Lines On Your Hand from 2013. I haven’t heard all of their albums yet, and I’m glad. More for us to discover still, right?

When I say you should buy this album I guess I should qualify that statement with an “if.” Allow me to rephrase:

You should buy The State Of Gold by Matt Pond PA IF you like one or more of these things:

- Pop-rock music

- “Indie” music

- 80’s music

- Liberal use of electronic effects and flourishes that enhance rather than overwhelm song-flavor

- A male lead singer-songwriter blessed with a light autumnal rasp that easily adds extra intensity, importance, or interest to just about anything he sings

- Personal, introverted songs delivered in an extroverted, arms-wide open, almost-cinematic pop package

- Lyrics full of references to nature, light, color, and body parts that can be heard and understood enough to maintain the listener’s interest, but are obscured enough to support repeated listening.

And we'll stop at lucky number 7 on that list because I’ve got other albums to review and this one is just plain good so no, there will be no specific song references or breakdowns or analysis. Sometimes an album is just great and just needs to be heard, and why should I clutter that up with any more music-geek chatter? So go get this one and enjoy it, will you?