Album Review: Joy Williams - "Venus"

Album Review: Joy Williams -
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By Andrew Lee

Until this album I knew Joy Williams only as the female half of the Civil Wars, an Americana duo known for having their own little wars between themselves. Interesting that she should mark her return to a solo career with an opening track that samples Robert Frost, one of the great “Americana” poets of the twentieth century, a man who was probably no stranger to conflict, who has the words “I had a lover's quarrel with the world” engraved on his gravestone.

Notice the album cover - the photograph suggests a woman exposed, surrounded by darkness, and if I remember anything from my film study classes, when a character is covered with those horizontal shadow lines from the venetian blinds, they might be feeling internally divided or conflicted.

Notice the album title - Venus - the Goddess of Love, the brightest star in the sky - and a fun coincidence that the planet Venus completed a rare double star conjunction with Jupiter on the evening of June 30th, the release date for this album in North America.

Conflict, poetry, planetary conjunction coincidences - it’s all very well and good, but what about the music on this album? Well it’s more poppy and electronic and produced than the Civil Wars, but some of that trademark rootsiness and rusticity is still there. The music and vocals are beautiful and tasteful and thoughtful throughout, though at times a sort of earth mother “I’m gonna put a spell on you” kind of dark intensity creeps in. "I am woman, hear me roar" and all that.

In multiple interviews Joy Williams has discussed the album's themes in relation to being a woman and has quoted the line "I am a universe wrapped in skin" as one of her favorites. And it's this kind of exploration of the interplay between darkness and light that stamps this album as a memorable work worthy of repeated listening - though it's pretty enough for mass audiences, Venus is no puff piece designed to blow away and be forgotten. Hopefully other women, and all lovers of great music, will be listening for a long time.