In Rotation With Grady!

In Rotation With Grady!

It's that time again...when Easy Street staff picks a few of their favorite records for your listening pleasure! We'll start with our Man In The Pit (and new papa), Grady!

Leon Bridges - Coming Home

How someone can listen to this album and walk away without holding their own copy is befuddling to me. This album is timeless, harkening back to the sounds of Otis Redding, The Temptations, and Sam Cooke, leaving even the most casual of listeners asking, "Who is this?". You can't go wrong with a single track on this debut, but my favorite is the fourth track, "Smooth Sailing." Time for you to go find yours!

Shamir - Ratchet 

Shamir is a 20-something Las Vegas native who may have recorded one of 2015's best R&B records in the comfort of his own home! Blending heavy electronic beats with spacious soundscapes and Prince-esque vocals, Shamir is poised to break through. This album should not be overlooked, so get down to Easy Street, or wherever your local record store is, and cop your own!

Deaf Wish - Pain

Brand new sophomore release from this semi-Melbourne-based four-piece that have created the second-coming of Sonic Youth's Goo! Full of distorted guitars and hazy vocals, this Sub Pop release is sure to scratch that familiar itch that Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon once commanded back in your youth.

Lamb Of God - VII: Sturm Und Drang

What a return to form for a metal band that I was ready to write off after their last few releases got more and more watered down and commercial radio-driven. Sturm Und Drang finds the band back in their comfort zone, bludgeoning their fans with pounding drums, blistering riffs and guttural growls that made Randy Blythe one of the fiercest voices in American metal. Get your earplugs and neck-brace ready when you listen to this album, its a throwback to their As The Palaces Burn days!

Failure - The Heart Is A Monster

Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards, and Kellii Scott have been hard at work over the last few years, writing their nineteen-year follow-up to the underrated space-rock masterpiece that was Fantastic Planet. The Heart Is A Monster is the perfect segue for Failure, even though it's been almost two decades since their last effort, the new album feels as though it was released on the heels of Fantastic Planet, incorporating their staple Segues. The album is heavy, melodic and mesmerizing, capturing the imagination of the listener and transporting them to the imaginary reality Andrew and Edwards have created. When you have bands like Tool taking Failure out, you should take notice... consider this your reminder.