Bumbershoot 2015 - Oli's Picks!

Over the past few days you've probably seen Paul Moseley's cool photo coverage of Bumbershoot here and on our Facebook page. As an added bonus, this is the fourth year that Paul's daughter Olivia, now 16, has given us her perspective on Bumbershoot performers. Thanks, Oli! Photos by her Pops.

Raz Simone

Among Bumbershoot's returning artists is local hip-hop legend Raz Simone. Heavily inspired by the cultural diversity of his Seattle neighborhood, Simone’s introspective lyrics and powerful stage presence resonate a passionate feel that will catch anyone swaying along. With background tracks that incorporate a variety of sounds including cello, these mellow beats perfectly suit any mood.


For any of you metalheads out there, I suggest you check out Washington-based sledge metal band, the Melvins. Grungy, aggressive, loud--these words don’t even begin to describe their style. The wildly dressed performers show no mercy as they throw down electrifying guitar riffs and thrilling drum solos that emit an intense energy throughout the stadium. Find the entire Memorial Stadium (even the dads) getting rowdy with the headbang-worthy songs.

Kris Orlowski

Kick back and relax to a sweet bass and Seattle artist Kris Orlowski’s smooth tones that could melt like butter on warm toast. His melodies create a sense of nostalgia and romance that you will so easily find yourself getting lost in. While pulling inspiration from softer rock bands like the Fray, Kris throws in a subtle folky vibe, adding a stylish twist.

Robert DeLong

Get pumped up with local Robert DeLong as he mesmerizes the crowd with his impressively diverse set of musical skills. A one-man act, Delong manages to incorporate keyboard riffs, drums, and vocals over looped electronic beats, which makes for a pretty spectacular live performance of him jumping around the stage. Catch any crowd dancing along to the unique electronic mix.

Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane may look and sound like a sweetheart but don’t be fooled. Underneath that lipstick and cute cowgirl hat she’s really a badass and a heartbreaker. Nikki’s songs about love have a folky, Dixie Chicks inspired vibe while her voice possesses just the right amount of Janis Joplin grit: a recipe that gives her more edge than your average country girl.

Minus the Bear

Formed in Seattle, five-man band Minus the Bear conquers the stage with an uptempo energy and unique style. Drawing on bands such as Fitz and the Tantrums, Minus marries rock and electronic sounds to create an entirely new genre of indie/dance. Modern and fun, Minus the Bear’s music will hit the spot when you need a pick-me-up or just feel like dancing.

Dave B

Local hip-hop artist Dave B brings fun lyrics and a powerful presence to the stage that resonates throughout the crowd. A smooth, flavorful beat and deep bass tones compliment his passionate flow and infectious energy. Likewise, Dave challenges the crowd to “go nuts” which, needless to say, is not difficult while at a performance as vibeful as his.