RSD Black Friday Pick Of The Day - Buzzcocks!

Buzzcocks - Another Music In A Different Kitchen

Behold! Today's Easy Street staff RSDBF pick of the day, straight from Lars!

The Buzzcocks' 1978 debut will be available in a 180-gram orange vinyl limited edition!

"Everything about it – from its silver, orange-lettered sleeve to Martin Rushent’s aluminium-sheen production – is right. The songs are all brilliant pop tunes in the classic style, but with lyrics whose doomed romanticism would put John Lennon to shame, and the kind of riffs that only a Stooges and T.Rex fan could write. From 'I Don’t Mind'’s woozy declaration that 'reality’s a dream' to 'Sixteen'’s stentorian 'And I hate modern music! Disco! Boogie! Pop!', Another Music… was as melodic as pop has ever been and as honest and real as any plaid-faced grunge act." - BBC Music