Video Of The Day: Sturgill Simpson - "Sugar Daddy"

As you might know, we at Easy Street love vinyl. We also love Sturgill Simpson, so it only seems natural for us to dig the theme song for the new HBO series, Vinyl. Created by a team that includes Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger, Vinyl tells the story of the music biz of the early '70s through the eyes of a drug-fueled NYC record company president who's desperately trying to find the new sound, the new hit, the next big thing at a crucial period of time where punk rock, hip-hop and disco were all being conceived. Vinyl premieres on HBO February 14th at 9pm (PT).

As for the Sturgill song, let's just say that it sure ain't rocks HARD! Check out "Sugar Daddy" and a trailer for Vinyl below.