New Release Round-Up 04-22-16

New Releases Fri 22 April

GUIDED BY VOICES - Please Be Honest - Guided By Voices
2016 release from the veteran alt-rock/indie outfit. Robert Pollard wrote and recorded and played all the instruments on Please Be Honest, and when he finished, it felt to him like a Guided By Voices record. He's not wrong. The songs are compact and tuneful, the playing expertly slack, the production raw and unpolished: sounds pretty much like every review of Bee ThousandA better cognate, however, might be Vampire on Titus, Pollard's 1993 pre-Bee Thousand lo-fi tour de force. On that record, Pollard similarly played every instrument-though his drumming skills then were so rudimentary that he had to record the bass drum and the snare parts separately, which is no longer the case-and as with everything he does, it's about the songs, man. Of which Please Be Honest has no shortage, fifteen of them clocking in at just over 33 minutes. The point being there's precedent for a GBV record where Pollard plays everything, and maybe more importantly there's a reason for that precedent. Robert Pollard is Guided by Voices. 

BLUE OCTOBER - Home - Up Down Records
Home is the eighth studio album by Blue October. The album was recorded between August and November 2015 at Orb Studios in Austin, Texas and Justin Furstenfeld's home studio Crazy Making Studio. Long time collaborator Tim Palmer co-produced and mixed the album. The album features the title track "Home".

CANDLEBOX - Disappearing In Airports - Pavement Ent
Candlebox is one of the most influential multi-platinum rock bands to come out of the alternative rock music movement. Known for introspective, poetically candid songs that stood out among the music scene, the band's "Far Behind" and "You" singles are still two of the most played recurrent songs on rock and alternative radio. Their new single "Vexatious" proves to be next in line with its infectious and "true to its roots" Candlebox signature sound. Their five previous full length releases remain favorites amongst the band's rabid fan base with their new sixth album, Disappearing In Airports being eagerly anticipated.


JOHNNY WINTER WITH DR. JOHN - Live In Sweden 1987JOHNNY WINTER WITH DR. JOHN - Live In Sweden 1987 - MVD VisualJOHNNY WINTER WITH DR. JOHN - Live In Sweden 1987
Blues legend Johnny Winter is joined by the equally legendary Dr. John on Swedish TV, recorded in 1987. From the opening notes of "Sound the Bell" to the finale of a positively incendiary "Jumpin' Jack Flash," Winter is in great form. The blues and rock take a side trip to New Orleans when the masterful Dr. John joins the band on piano. Live In Sweden 1987 is available on CD, LP and DVD
Early Listen Available Video Available 


THE STRUMBELLAS - Hope - Glassnote
When a crowd is feverishly singing along with the last chorus upon first listen, you know it's a song that connects. This is what happens when The Strumbellas play "Spirits," the first single from their new album, Hope. That experience embodies the essence of what has been attracting fans to this six-piece Lindsay, Ontario-bred band. Formed in 2009, the band has released two albums; toured across North America and in 2014 they were named Folk Group Of The Year by SiriusXM Indies. 



A$AP Ferg - Always Strive And Prosper
Rufus Wainwright - Take All My Loves - 9 Shakespeare Sonnets
The Maxies - Nuuk 'em All
NF - Therapy Session
William Fitzsimmons - The Pittsburgh Collection: Volumes 1 & 2
Rainbow - Monsters Of Rock Live At Donington 1980 [CD+DVD]
Josh Kelley - New Lane Road
Texas Hippie Coalition - Dark Side Of Black
Yo-Yo Ma - Sing Me Home
Bill Evans - Some Other Time: The Lost Session from The Black Forest
Aborted - Retrogore
Blue Man Group - Three
Meilyr Jones - 2013
Andy McKee - Live Book
Higher Authorities - Neptune

& More .....

Lush - Blind Spot EP
Jimmy Page - She Just Satisfies [Vinyl Single]
Cross Me - Forever Cursed EP [Vinyl]
New Order - Singularity [Vinyl Single]
Twin Peaks - Holding Roses


THE JAYHAWKS - Paging Mr. Proust

THE JAYHAWKS - Paging Mr. ProustTHE JAYHAWKS - Paging Mr. Proust - ShamTHE JAYHAWKS - Paging Mr. Proust
Paging Mr. Proust finds the 2016 Jayhawks still remain one of America's foremost rock bands, based around leader Gary Louris's gift for melody that has made them such a respected and seminal group for almost three decades. Paging Mr. Proust features the long-time core of the Jayhawks: Gary Louris (lead vox/guitars), Marc Perlman (bass), Tim O Reagan (drums/vox), and Karen Grotberg (keyboards/vox). From the jangle of album opener "Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces" to the trademark harmonies of "Isabel's Daughter" to the more pensive "Lover Of The Sun," it is clear that The Jayhawks power remains undiminished from their initial national impact, 1992's Hollywood Town Hall
Early Listen Available Video Available


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