New Release Round-Up 04-29-16

New Releases Fri 29 April

JOHN DOE - The Westerner - Cool Rock Records
"The Westerner is my psychedelic, soul record from the Arizona desert. The Westerner is dedicated to Michael Blake, author of many books including Dancing With Wolves, and a scholar and advocate for Native American rights. He was also one of my best friends for over 30 years. Many of these songs are about him or use him as the main character, and his presence has been with me throughout the making of the record. It’s a wild, spread-out, desert & ocean life that we’ve lived. Michael lived in Tucson, as did another great friend, Howe Gelb, who I asked to produce & play on The Westerner. Howe, the city of Tucson & particularly WaveLab Studios have a sparse, desert sound you may have heard from Giant Sand, Neko Case, Iron and Wine & Calexico. Since many of the new songs are set in the desert, recording there was a natural choice." - John Doe

THE JAYHAWKS - Paging Mr. Proust

THE JAYHAWKS - Paging Mr. ProustTHE JAYHAWKS - Paging Mr. Proust - ShamTHE JAYHAWKS - Paging Mr. Proust
Paging Mr. Proust finds the 2016 Jayhawks still remain one of America's foremost rock bands. Based around leader Gary Louris gift for melody that has made them such a respected and seminal group for almost three decades, Paging Mr. Proust features the longtime core of the Jayhawks: Gary Louris (lead vox/guitars), Marc Perlman (bass), Tim O Reagan (drums/vox), and Karen Grotberg (keyboards/vox). From the jangle of album opener "Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces" to the trademark harmonies of "Isabel's Daughter" to the more pensive "Lover Of The Sun," it is clear that The Jayhawks power remains undiminished from their initial national impact, 1992's Hollywood Town Hall. Paging Mr. Proust shows a commitment to adventure and forward motion, which makes this collection of songs exciting and instantly memorable.
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BRIAN ENO - The Ship - Warp
The Ship is Brian Eno's first solo record since 2012s Grammy-nominated Lux. Originally conceived from experiments with three-dimensional recording techniques and formed in two interconnected parts, The Ship is almost as much musical novel as traditional album. Eno brings together beautiful songs, minimalist ambience, physical electronics, omniscient narratives and technical innovation into a single, cinematic suite. The result is the very best of Eno, a record without parallel in his catalog.

ROB ZOMBIE - The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser - UME
The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser is Rob Zombie's sixth solo studio album. Produced by Zeuss, it was recorded and mixed at Goathouse Studios. A full return to form by the rock icon, The Electric Warlock… marks Rob Zombie's first solo studio album since 2013's Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, which debuted at number 7 on the Billboard 200.

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD - Nonagon Infinity - ATO Records
Coming only six months after the softer, folksy Paper Mache Dream Balloon, Nonagon Infinity finds King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard returning to form on this relentless psychedelic shred fest. The brand new album from the Aussie rockers consists of nine interconnected tracks that comprise an infinite loop of music. Enter the nonagon if you dare.

AESOP ROCK - The Impossible Kid - Rhymesayers Records
Indie-rap mainstay Aesop Rock's new album, The Impossible Kid, is his first solo venture since 2012’s Skelethon. On the new album, Aesop continues finding new ways to improve on the skills that have made him one of the kings of indie hip-hop. His creative process now includes a newfound willingness to open up about his personal life, going deep on topics like depression, his sometimes rocky relationship with his family, and the turbulent handful of years that culminated in Aesop leaving his adopted home of San Francisco to live in a barn out in the woods, where he recorded the foundations of The Impossible Kid. There’s also moments of levity though, as Aesop taps into the funny side of his persona that he suppressed during the period where being taken as a serious lyricist was more of a priority.



Sixx: A.M. - Prayers For The Damned
Rogue Wave - Delusions Of Grand Fur
Boxer Rebellion - Ocean By Ocean
Painted Wives - Obsessed With The End
Soulwax - Belgica Original Soundtrack
Snarky Puppy - Culcha Vulcha
Haken - Affinity
New Madrid - MagnetKingMagnetQueen
Fallujah - Dreamless
Bad Company - Live In Concert 1977 & 1979
Empire Cast: Season 2, Vol 2 [Soundtrack]
Purson - Desire's Magic Theatre [Limited Edition Deluxe]
Lera Lynn - Resistor
Greyhounds - Change Of Pace
Larkin Poe - Reskinned
Kyle Craft - Dolls Of Highland
Tremonti - Dust

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Jack White And The Electric Mayhem - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
The Barr Brothers - Alta Falls EP [Vinyl]
Lucero - Can't You Hear Them Howl
Arbor Labor Union - Mr. Birdsong
My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday