Oli's Sasquatch! 2016 Recap!

The Internet Signing At Easy Street Booth. Photo: Oli Moseley

By Oli Moseley

My name is Oli Moseley, 16 years old. I go to South Seattle College as a Running Start student. I transferred from Blanchet High School up by Greenlake. I am a competitive big mountain skier and love to be outdoors. Crystal Mountain is my home but I spend much of the winter traveling around North America for competitions. I also enjoy bike rides, hiking, and yoga. My other great passion is music. I have been singing since I could talk and was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that supported my passion. I have a background in classical and jazz music from years of piano and voice lessons but it wasn't until my sophomore year of high school that I was really exposed to the world of emotion behind the tunes. This past year I've started to go to house shows regularly and have discovered some really great music that I would have never listened to otherwise. I have been to Bumbershoot multiple times and have written about my experiences on the Easy Street site. Here is my experience from my first-ever Sasquatch!, along with photos taken by myself and my friend Bella Cole-Preciado. I couldn’t be happier than to share my experiences with you readers.

This was my first time at Sasquatch! ever. A friend and I made the trip out to the Gorge from West Seattle and we wandered around for those few days seeking bands upon the recommendation of Easy Street Records. Some bands were older than others and some were more popular but each spectacular in their own essence.

My absolute favorite performance of the weekend was Fauna Shade. I was walking past the Yeti stage when this band lured me to the front row of the crowd. Singer Scotty Smith struck me as a cross between Kurt Cobain and Mac DeMarco with his grungy vocals and quirky style. This show started just as the wind had picked up which made for some dramatic hair (and robe) action. The dynamic and upbeat set was perfect for fellow moshers and headbangers.

Yo La Tengo is a band that I knew I wanted to see when I came to Sasquatch!. To be honest I wasn't familiar with their music beforehand but isn't Sasquatch! the perfect opportunity to discover new music? Upon my arrival to their show I was immediately drawn towards their controversial style of a steady beat paired with chaotic guitar solos that make the crowd go nuts. The genre was one the trio had created completely on their own. I will say that I was not disappointed with the discovery and will be listening more.

One of the highlights of Saturday was being able to meet and talk to Hibou at the Easy Street booth during their signing. It's always such a cool opportunity to talk to other musicians. When someone is able to hit that spot in you that makes you dance and smile, it is truly and amazing thing to express your gratitude to them. I ended up talking to Pete (vocalist) for a while and learned that he'd grown up in Seattle right by where I went to high school. Meeting them really humanized the people behind the music which was a whole different experience than just seeing their show. If you have the chance to meet any musician(s) I strongly recommend taking advantage of that. You never know what new insights about music you will acquire.

Tacocat is a Seattle band that is well known for their quirky and cute style. The term "sugar and spice" comes to mind. The band's punky, sarcastic, and fun tunes are relatable and teach us to drop the ego every once in a while to laugh at ourselves.

Finally I'd like to point out that we don't just walk away from this experience with a sunburn and a hangover. The incredible thing about music festivals is that we develop a completely new appreciation for music that we don't even notice until we leave! So thank you Sasquatch! for the great times and new lessons. Before signing off I'd like to shout out King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards for absolutely killing their set on Monday. I look forward to the next time they're in town!

Until next year Sasquatch!, this is Oli Moseley signing off.

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