New Release Round-Up 07-29-16

New Releases 29 Jul 16

DESCENDENTS - Hypercaffium Spazzinate - Epitaph
On their first album in 12 years, vocalist Milo Aukerman, drummer Bill Stevenson, guitarist Stephen Egerton, and bassist Karl Alvarez channel an energy just as raw and jittery as in their earliest days—a time when the band was driven by the equally mighty forces of “rejection, food, coffee, girls, fishing, and food.” Born from the all-for-one spirit that’s forever fueled the band, Hypercaffium Spazzinate returns to the frenetically catchy sound that launched a generation of pop-minded punk acts and continues to widen the Descendents’ following around the world. The band’s first Epitaph Records release since 1996’s Everything Sucks, Hypercaffium Spazzinate began taking shape soon after the Descendents surfaced from extended hiatus for a series of gigs in 2010. With Milo now living in Delaware, Karl and Bill in Colorado, and Stephen in Oklahoma, the album came to life over a three-year period in which the band sent tracks back and forth and occasionally met up in Karl and Bill’s adopted hometown of Fort Collins. With Hypercaffium Spazzinate featuring the classic Milo cartoon as its cover art—this time, he’s got his head affixed to a lab flask in an attempt to “synthesize some bonus caffeine,” as Milo explains—the album finds the band both honoring their past and living fully in the moment. 

THE CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD - Any Way You Love, We Know How You Feel [Indie Exclusive Low Price] - Silver Arrow Records
The fourth full-length studio release, Any Way You Love, We Know How You Feel, for the blues-rock band led by former Black Crowes' singer Chris Robinson is its first with new drummer Tony Leone.

THEE OH SEES - Live In San Francisco - Castleface Records
2016 live release. Perched in the belfry of The Chapel, we caught the mighty Thee Oh Sees, alive and in their natural element, with our shutters aflutter and our tapes on a roll. After a short incubation period, the beast has reached full maturity and it is hideous. Over three nights they pummeled, and we've culled some great photographs and a wicked recording. Finally you depraved Oh Sees freaks have something to take home with you when you lose your shoes and your girlfriend at the show. Put it on at home and pretend to wait in line for the bathroom and it's like you're really there. The thrash, the throb, the mob is all present and pushed to the front. Dual drummers synced in each ear, Tim Hellman rounding out the bottom and Castle Face's own John Dwyer up front on guitar, lasering young brains off and fomenting the crowd to a froth-it's a great band, in a great room, with a great crowd and it's cooked to perfection... Take a little bit of it with you this time.

DEATH GRIPS - Bottomless Pit - Death Grips Records
"Zach Hill, Andy Morin, and Stefan Burnett (otherwise known as MC Ride) are easily the most talented, impactful culture jammers of the streaming age: a distinction primarily owed to just how seriously the California trio take those ideas. ... On their new album Bottomless Pit, they stitch together one of their most cohesive grotesques ever, renewing their focus on songcraft, rather than chicanery. It's sure to elicit a sigh of relief among fans who’ve grown jaded with the band’s work. ... For all its chaos and fury, Bottomless Pit is Death Grips' most accessible record since The Money Store. It has a distractingly uneven mix, seesawing from grit to gloss and back again, and some of the sparser moments, like mid-album would-be barnburner "Houdini," are trying, but overall it is a resounding success." -

BILLY TALENT - Afraid Of Heights - The End Records
Since the release of their self-titled debut in 2003, Billy Talent have cemented themselves as a generation-defining rock band. Boasting nearly one million albums sold in Canada alone and nearly 3 million albums sold internationally, the band has seen multi-platinum certifications for their albums Billy Talent I and II and III, and platinum status for the latest studio album Dead Silence. The band has enjoyed tremendous success on rock radio.

HILLARY SCOTT & THE SCOTT FAMILY - Love Remains - Capitol Nashville
Seven-time GRAMMY award-winning Lady Antebellum member Hillary Scott releases Love Remains as Hillary Scott & The Scott Family"The process of making this album has been not only creatively inspiring but I've also really been able to grow as a person," shared Hillary Scott. "We've had this intense concentrated amount of time as a family together, which has been so special. With all that we've gone through together, the highs, the lows - to be able to process all of that together, to heal together, to grieve together, to laugh, to cry, all of those's just been such a continuation of solidifying the strong foundation that we have in our family."



Steve Hackett - The Total Experience Live In Liverpool
Capsize - A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me
The Game - Block Wars [Soundtrack]
Ghoul - Dungeon Bastards
Owen - The King Of Whys
John Prine - In Spite Of Ourselves [Indie Exclusive Low Price]
D Generation - Nothing Is Anywhere
Various Artists - Quiero Creedence
Valient Thorr - Old Salt
Bouncing Souls - Simplicity
Barb Wire Dolls - Desperate
Fantasia - The Definition Of...

& More .....

Modest Mouse - Night On The Sun EP
New Order - People On The High Line
John Paul White - What's So

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