More Easy Street Customer Bumbershoot Picks!

Thanks to all who participated in our Bumbershoot contest and congrats to our winners, Nathan, Jesse, Kevin, & Chris! As part of the contest we asked you to tell us the acts you were most excited about and more of your responses are listed below. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages for live coverage of Bumbershoot and be sure and check out our recaps and photos next week!

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Here are some more customer picks...

Trever B. - Billy Idol, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Erik Blood, Beer Garden, Tame Impala

Dylan T. - Run The Jewels, Death Cab For Cutie, Ron Funches, Third Eye Blind, Chevy Metal

Shayann S. - Bryson Tiller, Fetty Wap, Halsey, Macklemore & Rayn Lewis, Flatbrush Zombies

Jess W. - Blind Boys Of Alabama, STAG, Chastity Belt, Reggie Watts, Tame Impala

Mark D. - So Pitted, Cosmos, Bob Moses, Joywave, Tokimonsta

Kiira N. - Explosions In The Sky, Andrew Bird, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Lemolo

Dominic R. - Andrew Bird, Pretty Lights, The Front Bottoms, St. Lucia, Atlas Genius

Jim L. - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Death Cab For Cutie, YG, White Denim, Explosions In The Sky

Nathan C. (winner) - Father John Misty, Death Cab For Cutie, Tame Impala, Run The Jewels, Explosions In The Sky

Jesse C. (winner)

1. Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels is definitely my top pick to see this year at Bumbershoot. I've never seen them live before. I love their records and love what Killer Mike's doing to empower the African-American community. 

2. Erik Blood - Erik Blood is another artist I've never seen live before, but highly respect. He's a Northwest icon and an incredible talent. His most recent video is possibly one of the best pieces of music video cinema I've ever seen. Check it out here:

3. Dude York - I am so happy for Peter and crew and all of their success. I caught them several years ago just as they were starting up. I would like to see how they've progressed over the past couple years live. 

4. Reggie Watts - LOVED Reggie on Comedy Bang Bang. Would be very excited to see what he's been up too. 

5. Shaprece  - I REALLY want to see what Shaprece has in store for a big performance. I think she's one of the most talented AND original artists coming out of the Northwest.

6. The Flavr Blue - I've never seen them perform live before, and curious how Hollis' stage presence is with the crew. I respect her drive would love to see the show. 

7. Flatbush Zombies - Caught Flatbush Zombies performance last year at Capitol Hill Block Party and was blown away. Their energy live is similar to punk shows I grew up going to. I also really dig their new album.

8. Deep Sea Diver - Jessica Dobson puts on a hell of a show live. Would love to see Deep Sea Diver perform again.

9. STAG - I am a sucker for power-pop and really enjoy how hard these guys play live. 

10. Thunderpussy - Because it's Thunderpussy, and they fuckin' ROCK. So damn awesome live.

Chris O. (winner) - 

1. Billy Idol (of course)
2. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (got to support the locals!)
3. Death Cab (saw them at Deck the Hall Ball and they put on an amazing show)
4. G-Eazy (my stepdaughter is a fan and this would be a great way to do some bonding)
5. Dan Soder (dude is hilarious. So stoked he's performing this year)
6. Third Eye Blind (I was a teenager in the 90s, don't judge me lol)
7. Reggie Watts (really curious what his show would even be like)
8. Halsey (again, stepdaughter bonding time!)
9. SIFF Films!! (Love indie flicks and SIFF usually shows some great stuff)
10. Unknown (leaving this one semi blank. Isn't the point of Bumbershoot to find your way to a band you may have never heard otherwise? Get exposed to something new that may change your life musically.)

Kevin L. (winner)

Billy Idol, Billy Idol, Billy Idol, Billy Idol, Billy Idol