Oli's Bumbershoot 2016 Recap!

Molly Sides of Thunderpussy - Photo: Olivia Moseley

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By Olivia Moseley

My name is Olivia Moseley. I'm 17 years old and go to West Seattle High School. I have been writing about Bumbershoot for Easy Street for several years now. You may have also seen my article this past spring on Sasquatch! Music Festival. When I'm not writing for Easy Street I enjoy banging on the drums and binge watching KEXP performances on youtube. During the winter, I am a competitive big mountain skier which is awesome considering how much I get to travel and ski with friends! Music is a huge part of me and I love to share my perspective with others. I apologize in advance for the modest amount of bands covered in this article for I have no words to sum up the incredibility of some of the shows I saw. Every show I attended this year at Bumbershoot was just beyond belief. On that note I would like to shout out Thunderpussy for kicking ass per usual, and specifically thank vocalist Molly Sides for being such a sweetheart to say hi to me in the crowd at Tame Impala, when I was starstruck from being in her presence. Also shout out to my current obsession, Chastity Belt, whom I regrettably missed due to hectic crowds and blocked venues. Stop in and buy one of their CDs if you are inclined. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Anyway, here are a few of the bands that I was lucky enough to catch this past weekend. Enjoy!

Tracksuit Wedding

Rock 'n' roll meets gritty blues in Tracksuit Wedding's unique sound. From backup vocals to trumpet solos their sound is filled with attitude and soul. Their performance was stimulating and exciting so it was impossible not to dance. Soul is a genre of music that everyone can feel. Add in some metallic guitar riffs and you have a great mix to dance and headbang to!

Tyler, The Creator

From the former hip-hop group Odd Future, Tyler, The Creator is a force of nature amongst young people everywhere. Tyler, known for his bold personality and passion for pushing boundaries is more than just a rapper to his audience. He's an artist, an entertainer, and even an activist. He teaches people to have fun with life and take our stressors less seriously. We live in a fast-paced society and come across tons of things that offend us. Tyler brings that up a lot in his music, shining a light on the pettiness and irrelevance of these things that we let offend us. Tyler's music can be described as offensive itself, which is the irony about it. He is a walking, talking paradox with a unique view on society. A perplexing character, yes. But well worth listening to.

Grave And The Pink Slips

The Pink Slips are an L.A.-based synth-punk band fronted by 19-year-old vocalist Grace (Grave) McKagan, daughter of Guns 'N' Roses bassist, Duff McKagan. The up and coming group formed in 2013 under the influence of artists like Blondie and David Bowie. Grave, who grew up doing theater, was a passionate performer to begin with. Over time her stage skills have developed and her ability to entertain a crowd never seizes to fail. The young singer portrays a sassy and tough attitude on stage, making for a dynamic, high energy performance. This was one of my favorite performances of the weekend and hope to see them back in Seattle soon!

Lisa Prank

Punky, cute, and feminist are all words that describe Seattle's hipster icon Lisa Prank, who drew in quite the crowd today at the KEXP Bumbershoot stage. The performer, whose real name is Robin Edwards, wooed the crowd with her sentimental-yet-also-punk melodies. Edwards' songs are more downtempo than your average punk songs, but are still packed with a punch due to her honest and blunt lyrics.

So Pitted

I've recently heard great things about So Pitted, and to be honest I just really liked the name, so I decided to check them out. It turns out that that was one of the best decisions I made this weekend. SO PITTED F***ING RULES! The band is a very colorful collection of characters who make dark and high energy punk rock. What characters... The lead singer even reminds me a bit of a Beavis and Butthead character. They're so different in any aspect of what they do, and they own it because they're so consumed in the music. To someone who is unfamiliar with punk rock, So Pitted may be a little intimidating. They've got some tracks that bite. But I personally loved their energy and was so impressed at their stage presence. Oh jeez. I'm so glad I saw them.