Employee Spotlight - Sean Dwyer

Employee Spotlight - Sean Dwyer

Easy Street clerk, Sean Dwyer is a film composer, Audio Engineer and Music Producer who also plays in local punk bands, Choke The Pope and Dead Bars. He has been on and off tour in recent months but is somehow always finding time to be in the studio. Check out his site and keep an eye out for Sean's work!

Who are some producers you admire?
Sean: Definitely Steve Albini, Butch Vig, and Brian Eno.

If you could produce any artists album, who would it be?

S: Modest Mouse or Built To Spill. Those are my all-time favorite bands!

What are some projects you have worked on lately?
S: I recently mastered the new Kazadi album, "Lucid." I also produced Choke the Pope's second album, "Emotional Material," and Dead Bar's first full-length, "Dream Gig," which is being released through No Idea Records this coming February.

Anything in the works now?
S: Yeah! I'm currently working on mixing a local band, Ramona. I'm also helping produce and mix an album by a new local band, The Owl Heads, featuring Easy Street's own David Rodriguez! Outside of album-work, I'm starting to compose a score for a documentary and some other post-audio work. Trying to keep busy!

Who would be your dream collaborators?
S: My dream collaborators would be either Dan Romer or Jeff Rosenstock. Both those guys are super influential for me in their own way.

Check out http://www.seandwyermusic.com/