Album Review: Bread & Butter - "Bread & Butter"

Album Review: Bread & Butter -

By Ian Bremner

There are countless quotes about the sophistication in pure simplicity. They would apply to rock 'n' roll music too. There is nothing new or sonically groundbreaking about Bread & Butter’s self-titled record, but that’s what makes it so refreshing. It’s not a “retro” record by any means, but it does turn back the clock is in its unapologetic party rock nature. Bands rarely go this route anymore. Bread & Butter is not an indie band. They are not a garage band. There are no studio tricks. No overly intricate hooks or guitar solos or drum fills. It’s pure, shameless rock 'n' roll.

Bread & Butter are the types of guys who listen to Cheap Trick, sing karaoke, drink cheap beer and somehow, that’s exactly what Bread & Butter the record actually sounds like. Certain tracks stand out, like "Desperation" and "Keys To The City," but Bread & Butter as a whole is where the vibes truly lie.

Catch Bread & Butter's record release show 4/15 at the Tractor Tavern (21+) and/or free and all-ages Record Store Day in-store at Easy Street on 4/22 (time TBA).