Where's Zoe?

By Matt Vaughan

About 10 years ago, a local NW Ravensdale/Maple Valley girl Brandi Carlile and band (Tim and Phil Hanseroth) were on the come-up, they hit the Easy Street stage supporting their new record, The Story. This was before her songs got all the TV exposure; Grey’s Anatomy, Anthony Bourdain, USA Olympics. This was before Elton John had mentioned her as his favorite new artist. This was before she was performing with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall. The store was maybe half full and then one of the most memorable moments in Easy Street instore history occurred. I thought this was lost forever…so fun to find it again. Check it out above....

Over the next few years, Easy Street would host four more in-stores with Brandi. Of course, by then, the crowds spilled out onto the street. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Story, Brandi invited a cast of heavy-hitters - including Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, Adele and others - to bring their own spin to the album's 14 songs, which will be released as Cover Stories on May 5th. Barack Obama writes the "foreword" and Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Pearl Jam have a standout track with their cover of "Again Today." Brandi’s Looking Out Foundation will donate all proceeds to War Child UK - helping war-torn children around the world.