Easy Street Staff Bumbershoot Picks For Saturday!

Easy Street Staff Bumbershoot Picks For Saturday!

In less than two weeks Bumbershoot 2017 will take over the Seattle Center grounds for a three-day weekend full of great music, comedy, theatre, film, and much more! Easy Street is here to help you with the tough stuff - who to see and why! Here are some of our staff picks for Saturday, September 2nd, by ESR festival correspondent Oli, ESR assistant manager Atticus, and ESR social media guru, Ian!

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*** Please note that set times/stages have not yet been announced.

The Roots

Staff Pick - Atticus, Oli, Ian

Who: Philly hip hop legends

Latest Album: And Then You Shoot Your Cousin (2014, Def Jam)

What "They" Say:

"One of the most underappreciated MC’s alive, Black Thought fronts the group led by drummer Questlove who is not only one of the coolest guys in music, but is basically a walking musical encyclopedia. Listening to Questlove talk music is one of the many thrills in life. The Roots are the house band for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon which means they are asked to collaborate almost every night with the musical guest, which is never an issue. They have joint albums with John Legend and Elvis Costello and can play everything between." - Ian Bremner, Easy Street Online/OldRookie.com


Staff Pick - Atticus, Oli

Who: Seattle feminist pop-punk quartet singing about important stuff...then taking the piss out of it. Spunky, silly, and fun!

Latest Album: Lost Time (2016, Hardly Art)

What "They" Say: 

"Is it okay for a band to just want to have fun? Even though the more earnest and pointed moments of Lost Time shine brightest, the answer is still yes. Tacocat so clearly thrive in the realm of the amusing and the ironic, and it would make no sense for them to turn their backs on that. Instead, they continue to work out straightforward messages in their silly statements. Tacocat want to be taken seriously, but they definitely don’t want to be a serious band."- Consequence Of Sound


Staff Pick: Atticus

Who: Portland hip-hop artist, who snuck into an unoccupied room at Portland State University to record his breakout hit "Caroline" on his laptop, which led to a deal with Republic Records.

Latest Album: Good For You (2017, Republic)

What "They" Say: 

"His major label debut album, Good for You, is joyously off-kilter, taking in Southern rap, cheerful pop, indie rock and more. It’s amiable, inventive and idiosyncratic, one of this year’s most intriguing hip-hop albums and also a bold statement of left-field pop." - New York Times

Sofi Tukker

Staff Pick: Oli

Who: New York-based duo that creates an infectious dance party mix of world music and house.

Latest Album: Soft Animals EP (2016, Virtual Label Group)

What "They" Say: 

"Sofi Tukker’s debut EP Soft Animals is an insatiable dance collection of jungle-pop songs with many well-executed nods towards Brazilian instruments, poets and to the national language, Portuguese. ... While Sophie infuses rhythmic vocals similar to Kundalini yoga chanting, Tucker likes to add in touches of early Crystal Castles and Pussy Riot. Appropriately, this is what Soft Animals has become: a fusion of repeating lyrics purposefully and thumping house bass lines, a fusion similar to Brazil’s hot melting pot of global cultures." - Paste

Coco Hames

Staff Pick: Ian

Who: Formerly of the New York rock trio, The Ettes, current Nashville solo rocker

Latest Album: Coco Haimes (2017, Merge)

What "They" Say: 

"Coco Hames has stepped into a new phase of her career, this time turning into '60s dusty pop rock that sounds best in the Nashville rock clubs she’s now operating out of. She worked with engineer /producer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray For The Riff Raff) for her self-titled." - Ian Bremner, Easy Street Online/OldRookie.com


Staff Pick: Oli

Who: You know...that sweater song! Buddy Holly! Mary Tyler Moore! You know!

Latest Album: Weezer (The White Album) (2016, Crush Music)

What "They" Say: 

"It’s a relief, then, that The White Album not only matches the sounds and feelings of Buzz Bin-era Weezer, but also the craft. It might not be the best batch of songs Rivers has written since the ’90s — it lacks the compositional ambition and the revealing strangeness of 2008’s Red Album, and the Windexed new-wave poppiness of 2001’s Green — but its front-to-back coherence as the Third Weezer Album You Always Wanted But Long Gave Up Hoping For is simply staggering. From the guitar and xylophone chimes that open 'California Kids' all the way through the cresting guitar wails and oceanside fade that closes 'Endless Bummer,' the album’s facade never falters, and the songs never dip in quality to the point where the reality of the band’s aging becomes unignorable" - Spin

Middle Kids

Staff Pick: Oli

Who: Aussie indie pop trio who hadn't even played a single show when they recorded their 2016 debut single, "Edge Of Town." After its release, Elton John gushed about the band on his Beats 1 show, and the subsequent buzz turned into millions of streams worldwide and a US tour with Cold War Kids. 

Latest Album: Middle Kids EP (2017, Domino)

What "They" Say:

"This EP is an adequate appetizer for this promising young band's eventual full-length. 'Never Start' and 'Old River' are in the same vein [as 'Edge Of Town'] but don't quite reach that level of pop near-perfection, despite deliciously fuzzy licks. However 'Fire In Your Eyes,' where Hannah Joy playfully bounces her voice over a danceable riff, and the low-key, downtempo 'Doing It Right' show yet-unseen sides of the band, and are worthy of excitement. With only four new songs, this EP will leave the listener wanting more—which may very well be the point." - Under The Radar