Easy Street Staff Sunday Bumbershoot Picks!

Easy Street Staff Sunday Bumbershoot Picks!

Welcome to the final installment of Easy Street staff picks for Bumbershoot 2017! Here's what we're gonna see on Sunday (9/3), the last day of Bumbershoot...go ahead, get out there and check out something new!

Ian - ESR Social Media Guru/OldRookie.com

Lillie May - 6:30pm - Mural Amphitheatre

Latest Album: Forever And Then Some (2017)

Ian's Take:

Literally born to perform, Lillie Mae has been jumping on stages and busking all through the Midwest and deep south since her early youth. After arriving in Nashville, Lillie Mae was able to get the attention of Jack White who signed her up to be the fiddle player in his band during the Blunderbuss and Lazaretto tours. When it came time for Lillie Mae to release her latest solo record, Third Man Records was right there. Forever And Then Some is a great modern country record for the times.

Solange - 7:50pm - Main Stage

Latest Album: A Seat At The Table (2016)

Ian's Take:

As quickly as four years seem to pass, it’s still a long time. There were four years between True and A Seat At The Table. Both records are fantastic, yet stylistically far apart. Solange has always operated on her own terms and she is respected for it. A Seat At The Table is a soulful journey of pride and identity, and a piece of art that we desperately needed when it was released in 2016, and we still do today. Her live show is a beautifully choreographed display of dance, color, and authentic emotion. If you go to Bumbershoot, don't miss this show.

HAIM - 9:40pm - Fisher Green Stage

Latest Album: Something To Tell You

Ian's Take:

The three Haim sisters got their start in clubs in Los Angeles while they worked on their debut record, Days Are Gone. Once the record dropped, their popularity steadily increased and now here they are, headlining Bumbershoot. Their live shows are known for their sweet harmonies, big building beats and coordinated drum solos where all 3 sisters share turns. 2017’s Something to Tell You is a bigger, bolder cleaner pop record with retro 80’s feels that lend itself perfect for long summer days.

Atticus - ESR Assistant Manager

Froth - 3pm - KEXP Stage

Latest Album: Outside (Briefly) (2017)

What They Say: 

"Froth have come a long way since their joke-band beginnings, weedy garage rock first album, and their initial foray into shoegaze on their 2014 album Bleak, which showed a great deal of promise with a batch of good songs and an impressively full sound. 2017's Outside (Briefly) cashes in on that potential and ends up sounding like a great lost shoegaze/dream pop/experimental rock album of the early '90s. Mixing the guitar overload of bands like My Bloody Valentine, the experimental nature of the Swirlies, and the hazy wistfulness of bands like Slowdive, Froth manage to ingest a ton of influences without sounding in thrall to any of them in particular." - All Music

Crater - 4:10pm - KEXP Stage

Latest Album: Talk To Me So I Can Fall Asleep (2016)

"With plenty of foreboding, mood-setting guitar parts (see: 'Gross Relations') thrown into the mix, the band grounds itself in rock music much more than other dark electronic acts like Crystal Castles. More importantly, the duo has a clear ear for pop. The melodicism displayed throughout the album harkens more toward a Taylor Swift mindset than that of industrial trailblazers like Throbbing Gristle. All the moving pieces and chaotic contrasting elements wouldn’t work if not for some beautifully layered mixing by the band (and Trevor Spencer on a few tracks) that makes tunes like 'Badlands seem like tonally balanced worlds unto themselves. - Seattle Met

Atticus also recommends Vince Staples (6:50pm, Key Arena) and Spoon (8:10pm, Fisher Green Stage) 

Oli - ESR Festival Correspondent

Stas THEE Boss - 3:20pm - Main Stage

Latest Album: S'Women (2017)

What They Say:

"Stas THEE Boss, best known as one-half of the futurist rap and R&B duo THEESatisfaction, bops through a string of breakups on her self-released solo album S’WOMEN. Pronounced 'swimming,' and billed as 'an aquatic explanation of failed female companionships,' the 11-track project is a meditation on Stas’ knack for falling out of love that follows her 2014 Stas For Hire instrumental EP. S’WOMEN is buoyed by nostalgic sample selection, Stas’ post-Digable flow, and a collection of innuendos that deliver bravado and honesty with ease. The project’s narrative, however, is disrupted by frequent returns to the well where she pulls from the deep black aesthetic that defined THEESatisfaction, whose 2012 debut awE naturalE and 2015 follow-up EarthEE positioned the duo as the feminist star children of Missy Elliott, Erykah Badu, and Audre Lorde." - Pitchfork

Lil Yachty - 5pm - Main Stage

Latest Album: Teenage Emotions (2017)

What They Say: 

"Before you listen to Lil Yachty, throw out any preconceived notions about what being a 'rapper' means or how a rap album should sound. As he has stated in numerous articles and interviews, Yachty is not a rapper. To call him such would be an insult to both the genre itself as well as Lil Boat as an artist. He is one who cannot be boxed in with labels and stereotypes — a genre-busting, iLoveMakonnen/Young Thug super freak who bounces from one sound to the next with ease. On his major label debut, Teenage Emotions, Lil Yachty expands upon the sounds and styles that made his previous mixtapes such divisive earworms. If the listener is on board with the Yachty persona, it’s an extremely fun listen." - Consequence Of Sound

Odesza - 9:20pm - Main Stage

Latest Album: A Moment Apart (street date 9/8/17)

What They Say:

"Comprised of Harrison Mills (CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches), ODESZA floats in the realm of chillwave and ambient dub best described as multisensory music integrating sound, touch, and vision. Vocals are secondary to instrumentation, but when the singer and the melody glitch into one, the outcome is euphorically phenomenal." - In Your Speakers