Record Store Day 2018 Spotlight: The Wipers - "Live At The Met: December 31, 1982"

Record Store Day 2018 Spotlight: The Wipers -

Formed in 1977, legendary Portland band the Wipers were generally accepted as the Pacific Northwest's first punk band, even though Wipers mastermind/vocalist/guitarist Greg Sage insisted, "We weren't even really a punk band. See, we were even farther out in left field than the punk movement because we didn’t even wish to be classified, and that was kind of a new territory." It sure was. Their music was intense, hypnotic and gripping, Sage's lyrics saturated with depression and gloom. In fact, it was the soundtrack of the life of a young "punk" trying to make his mark in a rainy, gray town with few opportunities. Is this real? Yes, it was. The Wipers influenced virtually all of the future grunge players in Seattle with three absolutely brilliant LPs: Is This Real? (1980), Youth Of America (1981), and Over The Edge (1983). Lineup changes then took place and after three further, less affecting albums, Sage ended the band, and moved to sunny Arizona. He restarted the Wipers as a duo in 1993, producing three more albums before calling it a day in 1999.

The Record Store Day release The Wipers' Live At The Met December 31, 1982, captures an unreleased New Year's Eve performance from the Youth Of America tour recorded in Portland. Taken from the original master tapes and mastered by Greg Sage, Live At The Met is limited to 2000 copies.