An Interview With Matt Vaughan for Ciao!

High Fidelity - The Cradle Of Grunge is what the Italian reads in the photo above. Two phrases that encapsulate the topics touched on in this recent interview with Matt Vaughan by Corrado Parlati for (translates to Flooded Mind). Whether it's a trip down memory lane or a snapshot into what it was like during the start of grunge in Seattle. This one is worth a read! Read the full article here!

Matt talks about the humble beginnings of Easy Street Records, as a 19 year old college student:  "...He threw me the keys one night and said “you seem to have a knack for this…u cover the debt, the store is yours, talk to your mom” and he walked away….”

The landscape of Seattle in the late '80s into the '90's: “We weren’t being noticed too much up here in the Pacific Northwest and we were far from being a Top 10 populated US city at that time in the late ’80s. Seattle and the Northwest is essentially the last frontier of the United States, we are still a relatively new city in the scope of what we call America, we tend to be progressive, free-spirited, and somewhat persistent out here. A lot of that comes from being isolated from the rest of the country. So, we tend to make our own tracks.”

Matt steps into Rob Gordon’s role in High Fidelity and complies a list of his top 5 (how about top 15?) underrated records that have had greater meaning in grunge history and why.

GruntruckPush ’92, MudhoneyTomorrow Hit Today ’98, Tad- Inhaler ’93, SupersuckersSmoke of Hell ’92, ZekeFlat Tracker ’94, Love BatteryBetween the Eyes ’90 to name a few. 

And his memories from Nirvana's Nevermind: “I was given an advance cassette at the party. I played it every day for the next 10 days until the release of the record. Fortunately, having had the tape, I knew we were going to have a huge seller, at least at Easy Street, so we were well prepared for big sales while other stores didn’t order enough and were sold out.”