We're Hiring: Buyer and Vinyl Specialist!

Easy Street Records is hiring a Buyer and Vinyl Specialist 

Apply on Facebook (Buyer or Vinyl Specialist), drop off resume or email

There are two positions open, please let us know which job you are applying for or both.


Purpose: To have a well-rounded inventory that meets the needs of the community and that of the more educated listener.

 - Order product in timely fashion

 - Be aware of current trends, playlists, and charts. Be aware of magazine articles/reviews, newsfeeds, and general happenings that effect your product and the sales of your product

 - Quarterly  returns

 - Work with marketing manager on social media recommendations/reviews for titles that deserve the attention and that we believe in.

 - In-store performance recommendations and facilitations

 - Merchandise sections in the store. Utilize marketing tools from the labels. Promote, sell, and communicate about the titles you have ordered and believe in. 

 - Be aware of concerts/shows/festivals in town

 - Do daily walk thru the store; checking for out of stocks, holes, merchandising, and helping customers and informing staff.

 - Closely monitor your phone messages, emails, and mail.

 - Properly file all of your needed information and catalogs

 - Construct deals with suppliers and vendors that provide the best possible means for profit while ensuring the quality expected

 - Be an Easy Street leader. Help nurture the bond that the community has with Easy Street.  

 - Meet the financial sales goals in your department and encourage sales within the company 

 - Support and encourage the efforts and goals of the staff and store.


Purpose:  Establish Easy Street as the best place to buy new and used records. 

 Core Accountabilities:

 - Buy, price, and stock used records daily and accordingly.  

 - Ensure that used records are properly cleaned and presented.

 - Ensure that areas of display are utilized and that records on display shelves are substituted and/or replaced accordingly.

 - Upstock and organize new vinyl throughout the day. Organize and walk through entire department throughout the day.

 - Prepare and complete daily tasks.  

 - Merchandise record department accordingly and consistently; straighten racks and rows, top shelves, under-stock, and display areas.  

 - Responsible for department to be kept at a high level of organization and cleanliness. Keep counter clean and organized. 

 - Meet the financial sales goals in your department and encourage sales within the company.

 - Support and encourage the efforts and goals of the staff and store.

 - Communicate with new vinyl buyers, informing them of trends you see and comments from customers

 - Keep all records organized; in backroom, behind counter, in racks, and under stock

 - Purchase vinyl supplies for sale and use.

 - Make house calls for large used collections.

 - Be aware of local and international vinyl trends.

 - Inform mgmt/staff of changes in the vinyl section.

 - You will act as the default in purchasing and processing used CD/DVD buys in the absence of the respective used buyer.

 - Treat all Easy Street customers with excellent customer service and friendliness and lead by example.

 Key Interfaces:  Floor staff, Store manager, customers

Education/Skills/Experience Required: Retail experience, excellent knowledge of recorded music history


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