Your Blues


Format: CD
Catalog: 238
Rel. Date: 03/09/2004
UPC: 036172953820

Your Blues
Artist: Destroyer
Format: CD
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Until last year, Vancouver's Dan Bejar had been doing double duty-as a studio-only member of the New Pornographers and as the brain trust behind his own skewed indie pop machine, Destroyer. Based on the quietly engaging Your Blues, Bejar's decision to depart the ranks of the suddenly hot Pornographers to devote more time and attention to Destroyer has proven to be a smart move. The quirky elements Bejar added to the Pornographers classical pop-rock-dark but energetic arrangements, adenoidal vocals and profoundly obtuse lyrical constructions-are the main focus of his off kilter work with Destroyer. On Your Blues, Bejar plays to his past strengths but adds synthesized strings, horns and winds to amplify these simple indie pop constructions into swelling, majestic baroque rock that sounds like Burt Bacharach arranging Al Stewart ("It's Gonna Take an Airplane," "From Oakland to Warsaw"). Other moments exhibit the moody acoustic ambiance of The Man Who Sold the World/Hunky Dory-era Bowie with flecks of John Cale's Paris 1919 ("Certain Things You Ought to Know," "Mad Foxes"). Lyrically, Bejar continues in the vein of Robyn Hitchcock, offering baffling insights in both structure and execution ("Now in my evil empire, I am gonna be a star, in the night sky above, so you think this is love, yes I guess so, at least something to make it from."). And like Hitchcock, he delivers the lines so convincingly that listeners will believe without understanding.