Long Distance Voyager

Long Distance Voyager

Artist: The Moody Blues

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Format: CD
Catalog: 820105
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 10/25/1990
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Long Distance Voyager
Long Distance Voyager

Artist: The Moody Blues
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1. Voice, The
2. Talking Out of Turn
3. Gemini Dream
4. In My World
5. Meanwhile
6. 22,000 Days
7. Nervous
8. Painted Smile
9. Reflective Smile
10. Veteran Cosmic Rocker
11. The Voice (Edit Version)

More Info:

A regular fixture on the pop charts throughout the '70s, the Moody Blues roared into the '80s with this tremendously successful record. In fact, the album sounds only slightly different than its predecessors; the synthesizer textures are heavier (thanks to former Yes keyboardist Patrick Moraz), but the band's flair for catchy, melodic compositions is still very much in evidence. In retrospect, songs like "The Voice," "Talking Out of Turn" and "In My World," while solid, don't exactly measure up to such all-time Moodies classics like "Ride My See-Saw" or "Tuesday Afternoon." Still, this is probably the last truly consistent album the band ever made. --Dan Epstein


''Long Distance Voyager'' is a Moody Blues album released in 1981, and was their first with keyboardist Patrick Moraz in place of original keyboardist Mike Pinder who had departed in 1978.

''Long Distance Voyager'' is only partially a concept album, as only half of the songs relate to the "voyager" referred to in the album's title. The final three tracks comprise a mini-suite that combines themes of carnival jesters and the chaos experienced backstage at a rock show.

Upon release in 1981, ''Long Distance Voyager'' became the Moody Blues' second U.S. number one album, and was also the source of the Top 20 singles "Gemini Dream" (#12) and "The Voice" (#15). It also continued their winning streak in their native UK, reaching #7 there.

NASA's Voyager spacecraft is at the top of the front side of the album cover. Both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2's flybys of Saturn were in the news in 1980-81.

In November 2008, the album was remastered and released on CD with one extra track. - Wikipedia